J.C. Newman Premium Hand Rolled Cigars Return to Ybor City, Tampa, FL

J.C. Newman announced the return of hand rolled cigars to Ybor City, Tampa, FL in a recent article featured in Cigar Aficionado Magazine. They just announced the creation of the J.C. Newman Fourth Generation Cigar Co., a boutique cigar division that will manufacture handmade cigars in Ybor City featuring American grown tobacco. This will add to the existing production of machine made cigars in the El Reloj building located in Ybor City. This announcement is not only significant to restoring Ybor City’s cigar heritage, it’s also significant to other boutique cigar manufacturers such as Tabanero Cigars. This announcement helps to affirm Tabanero’s own Yanko Maceda’s vision for restoring the rich heritage of Ybor City’s cigar industry. Yanko began the Tabanero Cigar Factory back in 2010 with the hope of rebuilding Ybor City’s lost industry. He is beginning to see glimpses of his hope with J.C. Newman’s hand rolled cigars returning to Ybor City along with other boutique cigar manufacturers. 

J.C. Newman’s Drew Newman, along with his wife Ariel Peters were motivated by the move as a way to honor and celebrate the rich tradition of hand rolling cigars again in Ybor City. This rich tradition dates back 130 years. The Great Depression and the rise in popularity of cigarettes stifled cigar production forcing many businesses to close. Yanko had a dream that Ybor City’s cigar heritage would be revitalized by manufacturing cigars in Ybor City by Cuban Artisan rollers using high quality tobacco from local suppliers. J.C. Newman appears to share this same focus. They plan to begin the hand rolled cigar production in their El Reloj facility located in Ybor City in the spring of 2017. They will be featuring new cigars such as The American, Admiration, and the 1954 using premium american grown tobacco, boxed and labeled using american hardwoods and labels created right here in Florida. 

There is a tremendous amount of excitement at the Tabanero Cigar Factory surrounding this announcement. Yanko is watching his dreams come true with this announcement. He believes this will be a catalyst for other boutique cigar manufacturers to follow in the tradition of Ybor City hand rolled cigar manufacturing. The hope is that with this announcement, more boutique cigar manufacturers will call Ybor City home. 

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Kyle Siptroth
Kyle Siptroth


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