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Whether you are a newbie, want to buy it for a friend, or coming with a predetermined list of cigars, at Tabanero Cigars, we have simply the best options for you!

Our authenticity and quality are what separates us from the rest of the cigar shops in Florida! The making of cigars in Tampa has been our legacy being carried over for years that simply aims to bring the finest-cigars made from the genuine tobacco leaves.

You can simply place an order by clicking on the desired item! Our list of items goes from mild cigars to full-bodied cigars!

Our special Sampler gift pack is specially curated with the choicest cigar options in a single pack!




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Wrapped with the highest quality tobaccos. The entry level cigars are perfect for those starting out in the lifestyle or looking for a nice morning smoke.

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The Tabanero medium and medium-full blends are the best cigars for a late afternoon or evening smoke. Handmade with the highest quality tobacco they are each unique in flavor and taste.

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Full strength is for the cigar connoisseur who enjoys cigars as part of a lifestyle. Strongest in flavor and taste they are best enjoyed relaxing after a long day.


Looking for the best in class hand rolled cigars near Tampa, Florida?

At Tabanero Cigars, we ensure to give you the absolute value for the money with our unique and rich creation of cigars. We promise a cigar that is created with utmost precision and best quality tobacco leaves to match your standards and taste.

We are more than just cigar manufacturers! From the Ybor city cigar shops to the district of historic Tampa, Florida, we create cigars that are truly the mark of class in itself!

Our passion for making the perfect cigar is reflective of our Cuban heritage. Our cigar factory in Tampa brings that history and love of quality to life. Read more here

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There were a lot of choices in Ybor City when I came to Cigar stores while on my trip. Nestled right on the corner across from the center of the action in Ybor, it was not real busy on a Tuesday so a perfect time to go in and chat. They only sell their hand rolled cigars but have a great variety from mild to strong cigars. So I sat down and a friendly man greeted me and we started talking. Steve works there and was a plethora of information! So I lit up an amazing Connecticut Toro and he started giving me a great history lesson on Ybor City. The experience at Tabanero was not only amazing because of the great cigars, but because of the great staff! Stay to smoke, have a wonderful Cuban coffee and take several cigars home for later!

Welcome to Tabanero Cigars - Premium range of Hand Rolled Cigars in Tampa, Florida

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