Cuban Cigar Sizes - Size Matters!

In this article we will be discussing the various cigar sizes that are rolled and how they affect the different characteristics of a cigar. When people visit our factory here in Ybor City, Tampa, FL the question of cigar sizes always comes up. 

As people watch our rollers, they often ask why cigars come in various lengths and gauges. The size of the cigar dictates several cigar characteristics. First the length of the cigar helps to dictate how long you want to smoke the cigar for. For example, if you are interested in a short duration smoke you may want to consider a cigar between 4-5 inches in length. For a longer smoke, an hour to an hour and a half you will want to consider a cigar 6-7+ inches long. The thickness, or gauge of a cigar will also dictate the strength of the cigar. In general, the thicker the cigar the stronger it will be. This is simply due to the cigar having more room for tobacco filler. The shape of the cigar is also important. For example a torpedo allows you to control the amount of smoke that you take in on each draw. The more you cut from the end of the cigar the more smoke you get with each draw.

Cuban Cigar Sizes

When visiting the factory people often ask the question, “What is your best cigar?” The answer simply put is, “It depends.” It generally depends on how often you smoke and how long you want to smoke a cigar for. For people who are not seasoned cigar smokers, we will often recommend to them a Tabanero Blend One Robusto size cigar lasting 30 minutes and having a mild body. For the everyday cigar smoker we will often recommend the Toro sized cigar, our top seller and most popular medium bodies cigar lasting an average of 1 hour. The other thing to consider is the time of day you smoke cigars. People often find themselves smoking one of our premium cigars in the morning with their coffee. For this time of day, we recommend a Tabanero Robusto size cigar which is mild in body and lasts roughly 30-45 minutes and pairs nicely with coffee. As the day progresses and our palette matures, we recommend transitioning into a Tabanero Toro and Torpedo sized cigars to experience a medium to full body. These sized cigars are great in the afternoon and evening after a meal or with a fine liquor such as a single malt whisky.

Cigars Whiskey

There are many reasons for having different size cigars. At the end of the day it really comes down to personal preference. When determining what size cigar you are interested in you can ask yourself some basic questions based on how long you have to enjoy your cigar and the strength of the cigar.

Next time you are here in Ybor City, we invite you to stop by Tabanero Cigars for a cuban coffee and a Tabanero Cigar. Enjoy and Hava-Taba!!

Kyle Siptroth
Kyle Siptroth


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