Our Visit To J.C. Newman

We were fortune enough today to be invited by Eric Newman and Bob Newman to a lunch in at the JC Newman factory with people in the Cigar industry that are having the same pain no matter the size of their operation with new Regulation from FDA.

The FDA Concerns

Senator Bill Nelson Litsen to our concerns of deadlines approaching on the different regulations and we haven't had any success changing how drastic the regulations are.

Our Discussion

They allowed me 60 seconds to share how these regulations will affect a small industry that I represent in Ybor. Senator Bill Nelson even spoke Spanish with me to show his symphony for our cause. Please in any way you can share our pain with the president of the United States do so.  We have to rescue the novel industry of Cigars.

This cigar was given to me at the meeting by Jeff Borysiewicz owner of Corona Cigars

Yanko Maceda
Yanko Maceda


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