Robusto Candela

Robusto Candela 50 x 5”

It starts with a very smooth, easy and gently draw that invites you to enjoy. Right away you find a very subtle hint of sweetness.The beauty of this cigar is that finally a cigar maker understood that sometimes less is more. Unlike most sweeter cigars this beauty isn’t over done and far too sweet. This creation is on point and exactly what a mild, gently sweet after dinner cigar should be. It’s the perfect size to enjoy after a meal with a cordial or a favorite drink. It brings a consistent level of flavor throughout and doesn’t get bitter or harsh near the end. This cigar is truly something sweet! This limited edition candela wrapper invites you to indulge in earthly aromas and flavor with subtle hints of sweetness.


Product Features:

Origin: 100% Handmade In the USA 
Quality Control: 100% Drawmaster Tested



USA Candela
Binder: Ecuadorian
Seco: Honduras

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