Pairing Options For The Cuban Shirt

If you're looking for a fun way to revamp your wardrobe and give it an article of clothing that surely makes you stand out, then the Cuban Shirt is the way to go!


Here, we'll talk about what the Cuban shirt is and how you can pair it with different clothing options to stand out in a crowd truly.

 Pairing Options For The Cuban Shirt

What Is A Cuban Shirt?


A Cuban collar shirt is distinguished by its relaxed, open neck, short sleeves, and a straight hem. By expanding your upper body and running straight down your sides, it creates a casual-smart style that has been found to compliment all body shapes.


The unusual collar screams casual – there are no top buttons, for starters – and it gives you a dapper vibe that will set you apart from the crowd. It's time to add this fashionable piece to your shirt collection since it's ideal for outdoor parties, sunny days, and nights out.


How To Wear A Cuban Shirt


Now, we'll go over just some of the possible pairings for this versatile piece:


Pair Your Cuban Shirt With A T-shirt


Cuban collar shirts are the answer to giving your basic t-shirt and jeans outfit a rather update. These shirts are great for wearing unbuttoned over a tee and will function better than other collared shirts, thanks to the open collar we discussed previously.


With this outfit, we recommend making the Cuban shirt bright and the t-shirt basic, rather than the other way around. A colorful t-shirt will draw attention away from the shirt, and in any case, the shirt will obscure any design on the tee.


With a white t-shirt, keep things basic, and then go all out with your Cuban collar shirt. Now is the moment to experiment with bold patterns, wacky stripes, and vibrant colors. Finish the appearance with a pair of slim-fitting chinos or a pair of straight-cut jeans. Your slim-fitting trousers will mix well with your shirt's flowing, carefree attitude.d


Pair Your Cuban Shirt With Shorts


Cuban collar shirts are a great match for shorts. The issue we're trying to avoid here is looking like your Dad on vacation — it's a fine line to walk and one that's all too easy to cross.


What is the solution? Choose streamlined cut shorts to compliment the Cuban shirt's elegant appearance. Chino shorts, not swimming shorts, are a fantastic choice. Avoid baggy shorts in favor of a fitted style that makes you feel like you're about to board a boat.


Pair Your Cuban Shirt With A Suit


This is an excellent choice for garden parties or summer BBQs with a dress code. The secret is to leave the tie at home and not tuck your Cuban shirt into your slacks.


The ideal transitional piece between a casual t-shirt and a suit and a button-up shirt and tie. Because you're going for a smart-casual look, here is evidence that the Cuban collar shirt can be worn for any event.


Instead of strict tailoring, opt for a casual suit. This will go well with the oversized shirt. Also, choose a color that complements the clothing. Because the ensemble isn't quite formal, please don't be hesitant to top it off with a pair of white sneakers.


The best thing to pair your Cuban shirt with to complete the look is to have a cigar in your hand while wearing one.


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Yanko Maceda
Yanko Maceda


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