Beverages To Pair With Rum

Often associated with the liquor of the pirates, this alcoholic beverage is more than what it seems.


In fact, rum is one of those drinks that is always in style. It's something you can drink all year, but it's especially refreshing during a heatwave in the summer. When you combine it with lightweight components, you get a deliciously smooth and refreshing drink.


Rum is also a highly versatile beverage - you can get as creative as you want by mixing your own ingredients with your favorite brand of rum to create a rollicking concoction that never gets old.


Here, we shall be going over what rum is and what drinks can be mixed in with it to create a whole new flavor profile that is sure to give you the needed buzz while satisfying your taste buds!

 Beverages To Pair With Rum

What Is Rum?


Rum is a spirit prepared from sugarcane molasses or juice that has been fermented and then distilled. The clear distillate is typically aged in oak barrels. The majority of rum is produced in the Caribbean, North and South America, as well as other sugar-producing countries like the Philippines and Taiwan.


It has the inherent flavor and oils of sugarcane, with additional flavors of caramel, vanilla, nutmeg, and spice that indicate high quality.


Sugar is used to make rum. This could be cane sugar or cane sugar by-products like black treacle and molasses. To generate a more uniform flavor, different ages of rum can be combined together.


Rum has a sweet, toasted sugar flavor characteristic. Although all rums are prepared with sugar, a white rum might be dry. Caramel is frequently added to gold rum. Dark rum aged in oak provides additional wood flavors, making it similar to Scotch.


Fruit-flavored rum is infused with natural juices, and navy rum is quite strong. Natural herbs and spices are added to spiced rum.


Rum Pairings:

Lime Juice And Rum


When you want to change the game a little, mixing rum with lime juice, mint, and sugar is a great way to do so.


In a cocktail shaker, combine the lime juice, mint, and sugar and pound until coarsely smashed. At this stage, pour roughly 180ml of light rum into the shaker and give it a good shake until everything is properly blended.


Fill a glass halfway with the ingredients and garnish with two lime wedges and two mint leaves. To make the drink a little less strong, add soda water to the mix.


Orange Juice And Rum


The perfect combination of fresh orange juice and darker rum creates a delectable cocktail. Fill a tall glass halfway with ice, then add your preferred rum and orange juice. Finish with a slice of orange as a garnish.


We recommend mixing 1 part rum with 2.5 parts orange juice to achieve the proper balance in this drink.


Tonic Water And Rum


A very pleasant beverage can be made by mixing tonic water with a well-aged rum. You can make a cocktail with 1 part rum and four parts tonic, with a slice of lemon.


Fill a highball glass halfway with ice, then add your rum of choice and tonic, and shake vigorously. Squeeze in a slice of lime, then finish with a lime and mint garnish.


This is a refreshing drink that will go down beautifully in the hot months.


Rum also has a secret pairing which is a match made in heaven. The secret pairing is rum and cigars! This powerful combination will leave you feeling dazed, in the best sense of the word.


Tabanero Cigars can provide you with the perfect cigars to pair with your favorite rum - and let this power couple give you the experience of a lifetime!

Yanko Maceda
Yanko Maceda


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