A Breakdown Of The Different Types Of Hats

Were you aware that milliners and hatters used to be jobs in the 1800s?


It is astonishing how you might have been able to make a living by repairing and selling hats. These trades were essential when it came to looking sharp for men as they commuted to and from work.


Nowadays, hats are worn for several different reasons - but which hat do you want to try?


This article goes down some of the many options available to you when it comes to selecting the perfect hat.

 A Breakdown Of The Different Types Of Hats

What Are Hats?


A hat is something that covers your head, worn for a variety of reasons - including protection from the elements, ceremonial purposes such as university graduations, religious reasons, safety, and fashion.


Types Of Hats:

1.   Beanies:


The beanie is incredibly fashionable in modern times - as part of the new 'hipster' fashion.


Have you ever wondered where the name "beanie" came from? According to legend, "bean" was slang for "head" in the early twentieth century. These hats are essential for colder months, even if they're cuffed, slouchy, or have a pom-pom on top.


2.   Baseball Caps:


Arguably, one of the most popular and well-known hats, worn by millions all over the world.


When the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore them in the 1860s, the baseball cap became fashionable. We donned these hats all the time, even when we weren't catching fly balls because this team went on to become the Dodgers and started a whole iconic trend.


This hat is certainly not limited to baseball players anymore.


3.   Fedoras:


Fedoras are popular among men and women, although few are aware that they were inspired by a French play called "Fédora."


A princess of the same name wore a gorgeous, soft-brimmed hat in the performance. This outfit became legendary, and women all over France had to get their own fedora.


Now, it is adorned by men and women all around the world!


4.   Top Hats:


In the 18th century, upper-class men donned top hats. These gentlemen, known as "dandies," donned top hats to complement their white ties and frock coats.


A top hat can now be worn by anyone, albeit they're usually exclusively worn as part of costumes or for more formal occasions.


5.   Berets:


Berets were only worn by peasants and individuals from lower socioeconomic classes throughout the Renaissance. Since its humble beginnings, the cap has gained popularity among fashionistas, revolutionaries, and the military.


If anything, the image of the beret has taken a completely different turn to what it once was - and is now seen as an icon for sophistication and class.


6.   Chef Hats:


Chefs at many restaurants wear a white pleated hat while cooking.


Toques were first worn in Europe in the nineteenth century. Each pleat in the chef's hat reflected a recipe he'd mastered at the time.


They're worn today mainly for the sake of tradition rather than any other reason.


7.   Party Hats


And last but not least, we're finishing off with the iconic party hats! A birthday party isn't complete without party hats.


These paper hats are extremely inexpensive, but they were once considered high-end merchandise. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt and medieval kings and queens all donned conical crowns.


This distinguished them as nobles and made it simpler for their supporters to recognize them.


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Yanko Maceda
Yanko Maceda


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