Cigars 101

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Picking The Right Cigar 

Just like your favorite foods, coffee flavorings, and wine, your preferred cigar is going to be dependent on your palette. Some cigars are full of taste and savory flavors while the net cigar you see may be much more mild and sweet even.

It’s normal for most cigar companies to introduce people new to the lifestyle by suggesting a cigar that has a mild flavor where that person’s palette may enjoy a very strong cigar. Trying out different cigars is the way to go as far as finding out what you like best. Luckily plenty of cigars are sold in singles and give you the opportunity to try them without breaking the bank before you find your favorite and start buying them in boxes.


When cutting our cigars, the Cuban Triple Cap Style will prevent the wrapper from unraveling and destroying the cap while you chew on it. Knowing where to cut the cap is half the battle.

There are several different kinds of cigar cuts and each one has its own characteristic of draw and flavor release.

Guillotine Eye  ◊  Wide Open

Gullotine V  ◊  Punch

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Avoid using anything but a wooden match or butane lighter to light your cigar as other types of lighter have chemicals and odors the affect the taste of the tobacco.

3 Easy Steps to a Proper Light

  1. Toast The Outer Portion While Rotating The Cigar
  2. Light The Center And Rotate As You Draw In Air
  3. Release


The longer you keep the ashes the better. Cigars are not cigarettes and should not be treated as such. Keeping the ash maintains the temperature throughout the cigar and keeps the taste coming. Keep in mind you don’t want cigar ashes to fall on your clothes, a floor, or a rug. It’s always wise as you see the ash starting to gain length to gently tap it off

DO NOT bump a cigar on your ashtray constantly to drop ashes.

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