HumidiMeter™ essential for every cigar smoker?

  • Can be used on cigars with a 38 ring and larger
  • Verification and prevention of your premium cigars from being too dry or too moist
  • Assessing when to rotate cigars in your humidor
  • Assessing the time required for cigars to reach equilibrium
  • Validating that your expensive online shipment of cigars was shipped within acceptable standards
  • Personalizing and learning that different cigars smoke better at different humidity levels
  • Elimination of the squeeze test
  • Pinpoint accuracy of how much moisture is REALLYin your valuable cigars!
  • Learning that often the cap and foot are at different levels of humidity.
  • It fits in your pocket so you can take it with you where ever you go.

Battery Replacement:  The HM uses 4 LR44 batteries.  To replace, simply unscrew back of unit 

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