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Robusto 50x5”


This is the perfect little cigar to remind you of why you fell in love with cigars to begin with. It starts with a smooth easy draw that makes that first taste even more magical. The cigar immediately delivers a mild, creamy and rich flavor that is welcoming throughout the entire cigar. It has a very pleasant room aroma that is both gently sweet and mildly spiced. Each taste of the cigar has a nice clean finish that says top quality. This cigar captures the beautiful range of flavors that sun grown can deliver and puts it into a nice, well balanced, mild and relaxing package. This is the perfect cigar to go with a cup of your favorite coffee and start the day off right.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun-Grown or Shade grown Nicaraguan

Binder:    Ecuadorian

Ligero:    Nicaragua

Seco:       Nicaragua

Volado:   Ecuador 

“100% Drawmaster tested”

“Handmade” In the USA

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