Double Robusto

Double Robusto 54x6.5”

Medium to Full


This cigar will immediately capture your attention with its beautiful Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper. With a rich, gentle yet full bodied flavor this cigar inspires your imagination. The subtle hints of pepper and spice are delivered with a smooth buttery finish that sun grown wrappers are known for. The size of this cigar makes it a perfect companion for a day on the course or an afternoon at your favorite fishing spot. It would also pair nicely with your favorite hand crafted artisan beer or a bold and inviting coffee. The room note of this cigar is also a classic and will surely take your mind back to the moment you first knew you would love being a cigar aficionado. 


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun-Grown

Binder:    Ecuadorian

Ligero:    Dominican Republic

Seco:       Dominican Republic

Viso:       Nigaragua

Volado:   Colombia


“100% Drawmaster tested”

“Handmade” In the USA”

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