When Life Gets Busy…Grab a Tabanero And Relax

A molten orb of glowing orange fire slowly emerged over the quiet slate blue waters of Tampa Bay. The light of dawn revealed the silhouetted skyline of a waking city veiled in the grey cloak of mist.

The Courtney Campbell Causeway was host to both this early morning vista as well as host to hundreds of vehicles whose occupants were oblivious to the divine artwork unfolding before them.

How often are our thoughts so consumed by to-do lists and concerns of the next task that we don’t see the wonders of the world before us?

We are blessed to live in a place full of beautiful and adventure. Yet, if you are like us, we take it for granted. We become so busy that we don’t enjoy the natural wonders that surround us.

Even more important than where we live is the people with whom we live. How often have we missed opportunities to be with them because we were too busy? How about the times we spent with them but our minds were someplace else worrying about what needed to be done?

Haven’t we all experienced this?

So how do we be present in the present? It is a choice to surrender the worry and stress of what might be in order to focus upon what is right now.
Let’s go back to the Courtney Campbell Causeway and the amazing display of divine artistry rising over the bay. For the person whose mind is stuck in busyness of the future, there is only the traffic and the possibility of being late. But for another person, who has surrendered the worry and has chosen to live in the present moment, there is the joy of a beautiful sunrise.

The truth is that both people will get to their destinations at the same rate. But the second will have experienced beauty, peace, and joy. The first will have experienced anxiety.

We at Casa Tabanero choose to live in this moment. We choose to slow down and enjoy the gift of the present.

For us a hand-made cigar is an opportunity to enjoy something wonderful that the Earth has given us. It is an opportunity to sit around with family and friends to live in the moment, and to enjoy life.

Seizing the moment is part of the lifestyle of the Cigar Aficionado. And we at Tabanero Cigars are truly thankful that we are able to offer you the finest handmade cigars and even more that we are able to help you to participate in this lifestyle.

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