Toys “R” Us Story

Toys “R” Us has closed its doors for good

You’re probably wondering what that has to do with a cigar boutique in Ybor.  

One reason is that it is always difficult to watch a business collapse. A business begins with someone’s dream.  Obviously, the founders of Toys-R-Us enjoyed decades of experiencing their dream come to fruition. Hopefully they were truly present in those moments and can now move on to new exciting ventures.  We at Tabanero also hope that all the employees will be able to find purposeful and rewarding new jobs.

But this is not the reason we are writing about their business today.  There lessons in failure, and not just for those who experience it.

Why did Toys “R” Us collapse?

Well, keep in mind that we not economists, we are but only a humble cigar boutique – a cigar boutique that provides you with the finest hand made cigars in the world!  What were we saying about humble? Anyway, it is our thought that the failure of Toys “R” Us is they did not adjust to a changing world. What worked in 1990 doesn’t in 2018.

Often what is true of businesses is true for people as well.

What was it Jerry Seinfeld said? Something like, ‘You can always tell the best year of a man’s life by what he’s wearing and how he styles his hair.’ So, a style worked so well for him in 1981 that he’s gonna ride that train all the way to the station.

Change out of the Van Halen concert t-shirt and cut the mullet Billy Ray; it’s 2018.

We are in the midst of cultural revolution that will be more impactful than the Industrial Revolution. We can only imagine what our world will be like in fifty years, but it is going to be drastically different.

May we embrace the transition and do our part to make it a better world.

More on that in the next blog.

For now maybe we’ve offered you something to ponder while you sit back and enjoy one of Tabanero’s handmade cigars.

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