The Way of the Cigar Aficionado

You have probably heard the term aficionado in relation to cigars.  In fact one of the most popular cigar magazines carries that title But what does it mean to be a Cigar Aficionado? 

Let’s begin with the idea of an aficionado. Hemingway, a man who lived both Cuba and cigars, was the one who gave the word life in America. In his novel the main character, living in Spain gains the respect and fellowship of the locals because he shares their passion for Bullfighting. The local expert proclaims that the American is a brother because he was an aficionado. Ah to be an aficionado – to be someone who has a passion, an understanding, and appreciation of something that lifts it into an almost spiritual experience.

You can sense it can’t you?

The Different Aficionados

For the culinary aficionado it means appreciating spices, aroma, flavor. It means understanding how different flavors interact and create new ones. It is appreciating textures and temperature. It is achieving the perfect balance of temperature, texture, and taste. It is about moments shared with family in the kitchen and around the table. For the baseball aficionado it is the subtle movement of the feet that infielder uses to turn a play. It is the shift that the fielders employ because scouting reports indicate certain tendencies about a particular batter. It is the release point of a pitcher’s arm as the game progresses. It is a hundred years of statistics and stories, the smell of fecund smell of grass, the supple feel of leather, the distinctive crack of ball on bat. It is sitting in the bleachers between your father and brother with the boys of summer below. For the jazz aficionado it means feeling the rhythm in your bones, the syncopated beat in your fingers, the weary pain in your throat, and the melancholy hope in your soul. It is knowing the wheel of sevenths and anticipating every counter melody and letting the unexpected ones wash over you like an ocean wave. Yeah it’s like that. – For each aficionado it is all this and more – lived, loved, and cherished. 

The Cigar Aficionado

For the cigar aficionado it is an appreciation of the different leaves and the nuances each adds to the flavor of the cigar. It is an appreciation of the the way that a cigar burns and how that affects the smoke, flavor, and intensity of each deep draught. Cigar smoking is not a habit, it is not just hobby, it is a passion and a lifestyle that involves community of great appreciation. It is the way of the aficionado. We value every person, we greatly appreciate your patronage, and we invite you to join us on the way of the cigar aficionado. And now is a great time to embrace this lifestyle as we are introducing new cigars and new ways for you to become an aficionado.

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