The Power of Story

In each and everyone one of us there is a story.  

Lately we have been telling tales, all kinds of stories involving cigars. We are reaching way back to resurrect the ancient legends of how tobacco came to be.  We are relating the history of how tobacco was discovered in the New World, was re-imagined in Europe as something close to a cigar, and then brought back to New World.  Eventually we will arrive at the story how Tampa became the cigar capital of the world – and is reclaiming that title once again.

The stories are different.  Some are humorous, some are tragic, and some are triumphant.  Whether it is a tragic tale or a crazy comedy, they all have something in common: they are are the story of people and cigars.  

And stories are important.

Stories are bridges.

They connect current generations to those of the past.  They connect one culture to another. They share our values and expand our minds.  We need stories because they remind us that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

We want your help.

In addition to all the stories we are telling about the history of cigars, we want to tell the stories of today.  We have shared the story of how Tabanero Cigars came to Tampa. It is the story of a man who believed in the traditional Cuban way of making the finest cigars. It is the story of a man who believed in the American dream and the opportunities that this country enables. We encourage you to be inspired by reading the story of Tabanero Cigars.

Everyone has a story that is uniquely their own.  Your story is important to us and we want to hear it.  Please visit us on Facebook to see how. 

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