flowers in ordinary places

The Eyes Have It

It’s time to light up your premium handmade cigar from Tabanero. While you are enjoying the finest that Tampa has to offer, here is something to contemplate.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is an old adage. But first you have to see it. Beauty it is all around us; even in places we don’t expect.  The key is to make yourself open to see it.

Downtown is a beautiful landscape of steel, brick, and glass.  However, let’s be honest there are parts that are anything but beautiful.  At times the overwhelming gray and general deterioration is oppressive.

Recently walking along a sidewalk in one of those oppressive areas, my thoughts were turning as gray as my surroundings.  Then there was a wooden railroad separating a parking lot from the sidewalk. Through the wood, in contrast to the full, depressing environment, was a bright and beautiful flower.

It was an unexpected gift of beauty. It evoked the old adage: ‘take time to smell the flowers.’ How often do I? Am I aware of the beauty around me? Or do I allow the busyness of each day to hold captivate my attention and keep my focus so inside my own thoughts and concerns that I don’t see the beauty around me? 

Every day, every moment we are surrounded by beauty and reminders of how beautiful life can be. As I write this there is a pastel blue sky spread above me like an ethereal ocean with cottony clouds billowing as they sail along. There are children tossing coins into a fountain and as they look back to their parents they fill the air with the sound of their laughter.  There is a cool breeze which carries the musky smell of wood smoke from the restaurant behind me. Not to dismiss the pain we endure and the struggles we face, but life is beautiful. April showers bring May flowers. Beyond the struggle is grace, peace, and joy. 

Even in the ugliest situations, even the hardest situations, even the darkest hour, there is hope. There is life, and there is beauty. May we find it and may we find peace.

And as always Keep it lit Taba family!

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