The Eye of the Beholder

You have likely heard the phrase, “We see what we want to see.” There is truth in that statement.  

Sometimes people say it to tell someone when they are avoiding an unpleasant reality.  For example your friend says, “Your brother is rude.” They probably used different words to express that idea. You reply, “He’s not rude. He’s just a strong person who says what he thinks.” Your friend is likely to say, “Well, I guess we see what we want to see.”  In others words, you’re blind to the truth.

Sometimes the truth is fashioned by how we want to see something.  For example we offer this little real-life scenario. A new building is being completed. Behind the building is a newly made, dry retention pond.  It is in reality simply a space dug from the dirt. A Bobcat front loader carrying sod to be laid goes across the dirt leaving it’s heavy tire tracks.  “Can you picture those track in the dirt?” They are just tracks, it is only dirt, and it’s only an empty retention pond. The Fire Marshall is inspecting the new building and has the workers turn on the water from the fire lines.  The water runs out a large pipe, down the side of the dry retention pond, and cascades along the newly made tire tracks from the Bobcat. In that moment the water flows, ripples like a stream towards the bottom. “What do you see?”

In reality it is only tire tracks and water. But it moves like any stream you might find in the woods. You have sat beside one those streams. Do you remember the tranquility you felt by the stream? Streams have a way of cascading into our anxious thoughts and smoothing them away, don’t they.  

You can watch the water flowing into the retention pond and only see the dirt, the construction equipment, and the ‘reality of it.’ In seeing it that way you will not be affected. But might focus on the rippling of the water and see it the stream from the woods. In so doing you will feel the same tranquility you experienced before. It’s the same water. But you see what you want to see.

Every day there are similar scenarios unfolding around us.  A flower growing through the concrete, artwork on a familiar wall, a gentle breeze, laughter of two conversing strangers passing by, and so many other moments. Sometimes we see only our self and fail to truly see those moments.  Sometimes we don’t see things as they, but rather see them as we are.

Any way you look at our premium cigars they are wonderful and at Tabanero we want you to have a great experience with them.  But we also want  you to be the best that you can be – just like our cigars are the best that a cigar can be.   That is why we encourage to slow down and look at the world around you.  There is beauty even in the most mundane things like water filling in a tire track.  May you find enjoyment, peace, and contentment this day and always. 

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