The Age of Technology

The world is ever changing.
Technology keeps advancing.
Is it a good thing?

Let us confine our discussion to those things with screens. We’ll save the rest for another day.

Do you remember a day when you had to be in your home to watch television? Then the day came when televisions showed up at sports bars. But that made perfect sense. Eating Buffalo wings and watching a game with friends was a good combination. Next thing we knew, televisions started showing up in little family restaurants. Ok, it was casual, so having the news in the background was alright. Shortly thereafter televisions starting hanging out at fine dining establishments. That seemed to cross a line.

There was a time not long ago when going out to eat meant a night of good food and good conversation. Televisions seem contrary to that idea.

Do you remember road trips with the family? We learned a lot about each other on the journey. Good and bad, memories were made. Relationships were forged. And we all learned that no matter what, the car never got turned around.

Those days of family interaction have been replaced by televisions screens on the back of headrests. Everyone in the backseat is isolated by headphones as they interact only with the characters in the movies.

Then came the iPhone. (It’s kind of ironic that “i” is the letter they used, because the downside of this amazing and wonderful technology is that it turned the world of we into the world of me.) The attention we give to our phones has isolated from other people.

Have you ever been out to dinner and looked over to see a family sitting together in silence because each person was basking the blue glow of their phone? So many lost opportunities to build relationships.

How about the mall? It’s like the invasion of Zombies as people mindlessly walk around staring into their phones. If you haven’t seen the YouTube video of people running into things while looking at their phones, you might want to check it out. It’s worth a laugh or two.

What’s not a laughing matter is the dangers of texting and driving. We have to make the choice to be safe.

The thing is that ultimately we decide. iPhones, iPads, and the like are good things. They can make us more connected to each other. They can make us more able to accomplish the purpose we have for our lives.

But we must decide how to use technology. The good and bad of technology is directly proportional to the good and bad of us. Think of the world in which you want to live. What does your perfect world look like? It seems so far from the reality of today doesn’t it?

How do we get there?

  1. We face in the right direction.
  2. We walk in that direction.
  3. We never lose hope and became discouraged.

And we use technology to help us be the best of what we are. So, pick up your phone. Google directions to Tabanero. Text your family and friends. Then let us get together, light up a fine hand-made cigar, get a cappuccino, put down our phones, and get know each better!

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