Thank you Veterans

Thank You Veterans

It is Veterans Day this Sunday.

It is time to once again say “thank you’ to all who have served in our military. We at Tabanero Cigars recognize that not all agree on the politics of military ventures, expenditures on weapons, nor the role that the armed forces should play in our country or the world. We do not wish to offend anyone, but we also want to recognize that sacrifice that the members of our military have made for our benefit. We live in a country where we can disagree on politic matters because were are free. We are free because of the men and women who served our military to protect that freedom. May we all agree that we owe each and every member of our military our gratitude.

Tabanero Cigars is also appreciative of the loved ones of our military members. Our soldiers are frequently stationed to new bases. Most of us ‘civilians’ have moved at some point in our lives. So we know the process is horrible. What is more difficult is leaving people and places behind. So, the hardships that it causes are not unfamiliar. The frequency for which that happens military is a great sacrifice. We civilians do not know the hardship of having our loved deployed. To every soldier that is now or ever has been sent to foreign soil, we thank you. For the families of those soldiers we recognize that you are sacrificing too. We thank you as well.

Veteran’s Day is a special set aside to acknowledge our appreciation of the members of the military. Please know, that it is not the only time we think of you. It is not the only day we are thankful for what you do, for what you sacrifice. Tabanero Cigars is able to fulfill our dream of creating the finest handmade premium cigars and bringing a cigar artisan’s renaissance to Tampa because of your service.

Thank you!

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