Tabanero Memorial Day Reflections

Memorial Day has come and gone already. For most of us it was a day spent enjoying the arrival of summer – which here in the Tampa area didn’t seem to leave this year. The beaches were teeming with life: Frisbees and footballs filling the air, boats and jet-skis making waves, families sharing picnic food. In the neighborhood the sounds of people laughing and telling stories while they waited for hamburgers and hotdogs to be finished cooking on the grill. The night ended with the bursting brilliance of fireworks. For most it was a good day. For most we had a day to drink deeply from the well of life in America.

A Time To Remember

Yet for some it was a day spent reliving the pain of loss for a loved one who gave their life in the service of that same America. For all of us it is a time to remember. We remember the foundations upon which our country was formed and the soldiers who endured the harsh winters of the Revolution marching from the Delaware River in such poor supplies that their feet left a bloody trail upon the snow. We remember the soldiers who stormed the beach at Normandy amidst the raining bullets and artillery to claim a strategic foothold in France that turned the tide against an army bent toward world domination and genocide. We remember the men and woman who endure harsh desert conditions and enemy devices as they fight to defeat a monolithic oppression that seeks to terrorize a free world. These we remember as well those in every place who sacrificed their life to preserve the way of life and liberty that we are privileged to enjoy. Thank You!

We at Tabanero Cigars want to acknowledge that sacrifice. Firstly, to say ‘thank-you’ to those who gave their life to secure our safety and to protect the freedom that we all enjoy. You will never be forgotten. Secondly, to express our sympathy to those whose loved-ones gave their life. Your pain is not overlooked and your sacrifice is not forgotten either. We appreciate you.

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