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Super(bowl) Fun Facts

To get you geared up for the  Super Bowl, we are taking a moment to reflect on interesting moments from the game.

Giants quarterback Phil Simms was the first person to proclaim, “I’m going to Disney World.”  Disney had a deal with John Elway to do the same if the Broncos had won. Elway probably just stayed home basking in his own tears.

In Super Bowl XXIII (23) the San Francisco 49ers mounted a game winning drive against the Cincinnati Bengals.  In a huddle during the drive Joe Montana looked into the crowd and then said to his teammates, “Hey, is that John Candy sitting over there?”

Just before the second half kickoff in Super Bowl XXXVIII (38), a man dressed as a referee stripped down to a g-string and streaked across the field. Patriot’s linebacker Matt Chatham recorded his best play of the game when he darted out on to the field and tackled the near streaker.

The first touchdown ever scored in a Super Bowl was by Packers wide receiver Max McGee. He later said in an interview that he was hungover during game.

One of the most iconic photos from the game shows Dolphins head coach Don Shula being carried off the field on the shoulders of his team. A fan reached up and grabs his hand at the moments of the photo. He also grabbed (and stole) his watch!

Interesting moments aren’t limited to the game itself. The half-time show has had its share of moments too.

It has come a long from the first one which start the trumpeter Al Hirt along with two marching bands and a flock of pigeons. No, Flock of Seagulls – an actual flock of hundreds of pigeons. Yeah, we don’t understand either.

This year, like everything else, the half time show is mired in controversy. It has had some history with controversy.  Do you remember the “wardrobe malfunction” of 2000? The world may never know if that was an actual malfunction or a publicity stunt. How about the infamous “left shark” from the Katy Perry performance.  Everyone seemed to have flawlessly rehearsed the choreographed dance routine. Everyone it seemed except the guy in the shark suit to Katy Perry’s left. He was moving around spastic-ally with no rhyme and we all assumed no reason.  In an interview years later he claimed that it was all part of the plan. You can read more about that here:

Here some discussion points to spark conversation while you and friends spark up a premium cigar from Tabanero’s.  

  1. Did the game lose some of its integrity after some poor decisions by the referees? Specifically the double no-call in the Saints vs Rams game.
  2. How do you feel about professional sports in America in general? Are they a positive or negative aspect of our culture?
  3. What are favorite sports moments? Do you think those kinds of moments will be the same for our children and grandchildren?

Just some fuel for thought and discussion. As always Taba family – keep it lit!

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