Taba Brew Espresso Maker

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Taba Brew Espresso Maker

Are you an old school guy like me? Well this espresso coffee maker will make you feel like you’re in Havana! Just light up a good cigar while you are brewing the Cuban style roast.


Product Features

A beautiful Ceramic top with stainless steal bottom this espresso maker will make you look like a professional.
It’s large enough to make 3 nice espressos, so grab a couple of friends and brew some coffee.



Available in two styles. Cuban Shield and Cuban Map. Each made special for Tabanero Cigars.


Try it With Our Featured Taba Brew Cuban Style Roast

Our unique blends of Tabanero coffees are the best Tampa has to offer. Enjoy a nice roast with this espresso maker.

Cafe Cubano – Espresso Style Roast


Cuban Shield, Cuban Map


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