• Single
  • Box 20Ct

Churchill    50×7”

Mild to Medium


As Churchills go this one is in a class all to itself. With a nice comfortable 50mm ring gauge it is a comfortable size to enjoy and at 7’ it delivers a nice longer smoking experience. With a gentle and easy draw, something unique for many Churchills, this cigar brings warmth and flavor with each draw. The carefully hand rolled leaves provide a nice slow burn that captures the senses with a pleasant aroma sure to be enjoyed by all. The flavor profile with this cigar is complex yet very palate friendly.  It brings a medium flavor that is rich and tasty yet delivers it with no bite and a cool finish all the way through the cigar. This is a great cigar to enjoy while traveling for business or vacationing with family as it will consistently give you a wonderful cigar smoking experience.


Wrapper:         Ecuadorian Sun-Grown

Binder:                        Ecuadorian

Ligero:            Nicaragua

Seco:               Nicaragua

Volado:           Ecuador


“100% Drawmaster tested”

“Handmade” In the USA by Cuban Artisans”

Weight N/A

Single, Box 20Ct


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