Re-New Years Day

Do you remember New Years? So, we have crossed the half-way point of this year. It is a great time to sit back, light up an Aged Toro from Tabanero Cigars (of course!) and reflect upon the year to this point.

Do you remember New Year’s Eve? What were some of the resolutions that you made? Are you on course to fulfilling those them? No? Well you’re not alone. According to statistics less than 10% of people achieve the goals they set for the new year. Do not despair, those same studies show that half the people who make resolutions eventually fulfill them.

Light up a Toro With Us

Available for a limited time from the personal humidor of Yanko Maceda. Aged 5 years to perfection! Here are some things the experts say will help you keep your goals[/x_custom_headline]

1. Make your goals specific and not general.


Most of us make resolutions such as ‘I will get in shape this year.’ That is a good goal but it is too broad to achieve. It is better to be more specific, such as ‘I will lose ten pounds this year,’ or ‘I will hit the gym three times a week.’ It is even more helpful if you –

2. Break your goal into achievable benchmarks.


Most diets and exercise programs are a complete lifestyle not just a small modification. It is difficult to make complete overhauls: diet, exercise, etc. Take that diet and break it into achievable chunks. ‘I will stop drinking soda.’ Then have benchmarks: the first step is to walk on the treadmill fifteen minutes. Every achieved benchmark is a success and you will feed off that positive energy.  This is important because you want to –

3. Have patience with yourself and the process.


It is very easy to get discouraged. This is especially true if we keep looking at the final result we want instead of what we are currently doing. It is better to focus on actions rather than results. Walking fifteen minutes as opposed to losing fifteen pounds. We also gain encouragement when we –

4. Publicize our goal to friends and family.


I know. You don’t want to be that person. The one who posts their whole life on FaceBook. True, but the experts tell us that we are more likely to succeed if we make a public announcement. Our chances are even better if we join a group of people working with us trying to achieve a similar goal. We all achieve more when we have accountability. We eventually get to our goal when we keep –

5. Getting up when we slip up.


Who gets to the finish line without a few falls along the way? Does it matter if you do? The important thing is that we get there. If we are moving in the direction of spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual health then we are succeeding.

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