Petition to Save the Heritage of Cigar City

cigar box and Maceda cgiar
Beautiful artwork like this will no longer be allowed

Hello Taba Family,

The time has come to rally together to preserve our cigar aficionado lifestyle.  Please go to this link to sign the petition to save premium cigars.  We will give the link again at the end of the blog.  First allow us to explain the situation:

In 2009 The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act was enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.  This law gave the FDA authority to regulate cigarettes and smokeless tobacco (chewing tobacco).   We at Tabanero believe in the family and we want to protect them from harm.    Our issue is what happened in 2016.

The FDA decided to widen their own power to include regulating ALL tobacco products.   This includes premium cigars.   We at Tabanero make the finest premium cigars by hand.

We will put aside the discussion of how premium cigars are different from other tobacco products.   Instead, let us focus on the simple question of premium cigars and underage usage.   Has it ever been an issue?   Are children buying and abusing premium cigars?    We certainly do NOT think so.

Yet, these new regulations will be forced upon premium cigars regardless.

What does this mean?  Let us look some key regulations that will be applied (marked with “*”) and their effect (marked with “-“).

*Tobacco products will submit a list of ingredients for each product.

– This means that for every particular blend of cigar, Tabanero will have to hire a company to do a chemical analysis and then have special labels created.   The cost of this will be devastating.

* Warning labels will be enlarged to constitute 50% of the packaging.

* The use of colors and graphics will be banned.

– There is an additional cost in re-labeling all our products.  But that is not as significance as the impact it will have to your experience.  The art of cigar boxes is a part of Americana (we discussed this in an earlier blog).  Also, there is the tradition of beautifully designed cigar rings.  They will be NO more.

There are additional regulations that will be harmful to premium cigars. We thought maybe mentioning these few will be sufficient motivation for you to stand with us.  The lifestyle of the cigar aficionado something special.  It is appreciates art and beauty.  It enjoys the finest that the earth has to offer.  It celebrates the richness and variety of  the world’s cultures.  It is dignified.  If these regulations pass, it may pass away.   

Please support the lifestyle of the cigar aficionado.  Click on this link and join the petition to save premium cigars.

Thank you.


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