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One Simple Way to Stop Time

We have discovered a way to stop time – sort of.

Two weeks ago we talked about the Groundhog Day effect, where you live each day over and over. (about it here https://tabanerocigars.com/its-groundhog-day-again-and-again-and-again/ ) At least it feels that way. You know what we mean. You’re on the phone with a friend. She asks, “What’s happening in your life.” You respond, “Nothing much, same stuff different day.”

But is that really true?

It sure feels that way. But the reality is that our lives are more full than we realize. The trick, like so many things we discuss here, is being aware.

That is where master story-teller Matthew Dicks comes into the …well, story.

Matthew Dicks is the author of several books, a fifth-grade teacher, former DJ, winner of 35 Moth StorySLAM championships, and the encouragement behind this week’s life hack. That is to say Matthew Dicks has figured out how to end the Groundhog Day effect – to stop time so to speak –or write as the case may be. More about Matthew here (http://www.matthewdicks.com/ )

His method is simple. Do your Homework.

Maybe that needs explaining. Ok, that really needs explaining. You see, years ago Matthew was like us. He didn’t see how each day had something that made it special. Well, he was different in that he technically died twice and was brought back to life, and there was the time he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, and also that time he was caught in the middle of bank robbery – which wasn’t the reason he was arrested. Other than that, he was just like us.

Then he discovered the power of story. At the end of each day he asked himself, “What made today different than other days?” He wrote that answer in a single sentence. Soon he a catalog of interesting happenings in his life. He also discovered that by writing that simple sentence he began to have more clarity about his life. He was able to see the development in his life day by day because he could remember what happened.

He was aware.

He calls that method ‘doing your homework.’ We are encouraged to do our homework. We are pretty confident that it will lead to a deeper awareness of our life.

It can transform our Taba family too.

Imagine a group of people at Tabanero’s. Maybe they are friends, maybe they are strangers meeting for the first time. Each person selects a premium handmade cigar from our humidor. Some go to our coffee bar to order a specially roasted cup of Taba Brew.

One by one they take a seat on our leather chairs.

At first they are quietly enjoying the rich earthy flavor of their premium cigars. The rhythmic smoking creates a peaceful, thoughtful atmosphere.

And then one person begins to share, “The one thing that made this week different was…”

The story draws each person into a shared experience. In turn everyone shares their story, their life. As the cigars dwindle into ash, a sense of community has been forged.

One by one they get up and leave. They take with them a new knowledge of another person and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Do you desire this? It is yours as a part of the Tabanero cigar lifestyle.

Keep it lit Taba!

You can listen to Matthew Dick’s Ted talk here : (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7p329Z8MD0 )

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