Meet the Cuban Artisans: William Ochoa

This week, we’re featuring some of the passion rolled into each of our cigars. William Ochoa is one of our Cuban Artisans at Tabanero Cigars. Here’s what he has to share with you about his dream.

A note From William:

If I only knew I was going to perform my trade in the US! I was living in this country for 10 years, working many odd jobs to support my family until I found Tabanero Cigars. I came across an ad in a Miami newspaper that said, “We are looking for passionate artisans to help fulfill an American dream.” My mind immediately filled with excitement. I couldn’t believe I would have an opportunity to do what I love to do. This is a trade that is a labor of love, pay or no pay. Even on my days off I find myself longing to be at work. The touch of the tobacco leaf is magical from beginning to end. I am proud of the cigars that I create, to the point that I want to keep all of them for myself. Like children, I know they serve a greater purpose, a purpose that will give others the special opportunity to reflect and celebrate life.

Thank you,
William Ochoa

1 thought on “Meet the Cuban Artisans: William Ochoa”

  1. Mr, Ochoa,

    I thank you for your excellent craft. I am not a rabid cigar smoker but I do thoroughly enjoy a good cigar on occasion. I have learned the difference over time, of a quality cigar and those made for a quick sale. I truly believe Tabanero Cigars are the best I have had. The draw is always good and the flavor exceptional from start to finish. And, they stay lit!

    Again, I sincerely appreciate your skill and hope you will continue your trade.

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