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Tabanero Cigars is Growing! At Tabanero Cigars we are ever improving and refining who we are and what we do. So far we have shared with you our plans to unveil four new cigars that are made from highly select leaves cultivated specifically for you. We have brought you an exciting new cigar box which is part of a new branding that we are creating to better present our artisan hand made cigars to you. We have also announced that the upcoming tours of Havana with a day at the family tobacco farm in Pinar del Rio. Now we are proud to announce that our Tabanero family continues to grow with the addition of Ricardo de Aragon.

As we grow so does the reach of our vision. In fact it was the power of the vision that captured the attention of Ricardo. He saw in Tabanero the opportunity to relive the glory days of the cigar in Tampa, that through the tradition hand made artisanship the connection to old Havana is being relived in Ybor City. Ricky believes in that past cigar culture and brings a vibrant passion to our future in his position as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Building upon the strong foundation that has been established, he will be responsible for guiding Tabanero to greater heights as we following the vision that I, Yanko, have for making Ybor the center of the cigar world with Tabanero as the cornerstone.

Ricardo’s Story

Ricardo brings to our team a vast experience of establishing new ventures and leading established corporations. In particular, he has successfully navigated through challenging situations in the cigar sales field. Also his work in the utility industry has given him experience as a champion of change management and operational growth. These skills and experiences are invaluable as we enter into our next chapter.

Ricardo shares our love of the Tampa area and our passion for the finest cigars that are hand made by artisans. Therefore he is excited about being part of the Tabanero dream of restoring Ybor City to be the cigar capitol of the world. Ricky believes in the local artisan and value of their craft. And like Tabanero, he has persevered through adversity in his professional and personal life.
Ricardo is an avid and passionate cigar lover and an accomplished leader, We are lucky to find someone that has such a perfect set of skills for this opportunity.

Find Ricardo on Facebook here.

Welcome to Tampa, Florida – Home of Tabanero Cigars Please welcome Ricky, his wife, and three children as they move to Tampa and join our family. And thank you for your continued effort and support as we charge ahead to build a business focused on delivering the best Tampa cigar lifestyle products in the world. Also look for how Ricardo will be helping Tabanero launch the Origin Cigar a handmade masterpiece that harkens to the glory days of Havana while reviving our beloved Tampa of today.

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    1. Tabanero Cigars

      Thanks for the comment! Ricky will be helping with our marketing and vision for Tabanero Cigars – We’ll be featuring some of our Cuban rollers soon!

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