Losing Face(book)

3 Questions Facebook Needs to Answer

Facebook is losing face, but should we lose Facebook?

This week the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress to answer questions about how Facebook collects and uses our information.

Three important questions need to be answered.

1. How are they getting our information?

It is likely that we knew Facebook was using what we gave them on their program.   After all, we filled out our profile and gave them some of our information in the process.  That is a given- literally.  When we published a post, didn’t we know that they would use that too?  It didn’t seem a big deal.  So what, Facebook knows that I visited the Dali Museum.
Was it shocking that ads for other museums started appearing on my Facebook news feed?  No, not really.

However, how many of us knew that Facebook was recording who we were calling and texting?

2. What are they doing with that information?

Facebook claims that are only using that information to better suggest new friends.  They also claim that they do not use the content of our calls and texts.

Do you trust Facebook?

Imagine what someone could do with the content of everything you’ve ever done, said, or typed using your phone.  Scary.  We aren’t in control of what is being done with our information.

On an even larger scale, what about our privacy?

3. Do we have any real choice?

The word monopoly was raised at the congressional hearing. Why? Because there really isn’t really an alternative to Facebook.  Sure there are other applications: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and others.  But they really aren’t an alternative to Facebook.

Which brings back to the beginning.

Are you going to lose Facebook or keep using it?

That Mr. Zuckerberg is an important question.

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