It’s in the Box

Scenario 1

You walk into the office. Before you even look around, you can feel that something is about to happen. It dawns on you, the normal sounds of busyness are silent.  You look around and you sense that everyone is trying not to look at you. Your boss appears around the corner. She hands you a small box…

Scenario 2

It’s your birthday. The day has been pretty typical. A few of your coworkers have said, “Happy Birthday.” Shelby from Human Resources got you a café con leche from your favorite coffee place, Tabanero.  That was awesome, but it seems pretty much like just another Wednesday. On the commute home, you think, ‘You’re an adult now, birthdays are a quiet affair – and that’s okay.’ You smile because it really is okay. You open the door to your apartment. As you walk in, fifteen people yell “Surprise!”  Your significant other hands you a bow covered box…

Scenario 3

The sun is slowly arching down toward the horizon. The mint blue sky morphs into molten gold.  The ocean waves caress your feet. You can feel the heartbeat of girlfriend’s hand in yours. You look into her eyes, take a deep breath, and then stop walking. You go to one knee and pull out a little box…

Each of these scenarios has one common factor: a box.

Whether it is your boss giving you a gold watch (she believes in the classics) to commemorate ten years of loyalty, feeling like a little kid once again because your loved one gave you a surprise birthday gift, or proposing marriage with a diamond ring at an ocean sunset – boxes bring joy.  Think back on all the times boxes have been a part of something wonderful in your life.  They really do bring joy.  You know, scientists tell us that nature abhors a vacuum; that’s true, because nature loves a box.  That might be a bit of stretch, but you get the point: there’s just something about a box.

We know this at Tabanero Cigars. That’s why we have dedicated our artisan spirit to the art of the box.  As we always do, we have honored tradition with a progressive twist.

Cigar boxes have a rich history in America. Since the early 1800’s cigars have been packaged in beautiful boxes with vibrant art that told visual stories. We want to honor that. We have taken the box to the next level.  Tabanero is packaging our hand-made premium cigars in fine wood boxes inlaid with artwork. We make these boxes ourselves. Have you seen the process and the amazing machine that brings our artist visions to life?  No, then please watch the process by joining our new YouTube channel. 

Stay tuned because what we have been doing for our cigars, we are preparing to do for others.

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