In It for the Long Draw

There you are sitting in a comfortable chair, a cool breeze sweeps the edge of heat away, the blue sky lifts your spirits.  You slowly draw from your Tabanero Aged Toro and your thoughts begin to flow towards the deeper waters of life and philosophy. 

It is summer after all and such thoughts do come.  Maybe it’s the heat that has affected your mind, or maybe the days of longer sunshine also illuminate your imagine as well.  Whatever the reason, your mind recalls a scene you saw in Game of Thrones.  Yeah, sometimes those meaningful philosophical questions arise from unlikely sources

In that scene the Dragon Queen has freed all the people of Meereen (it’s a GOT thing, but if you haven’t seen it,  you can still follow the idea it brought to life) .  One of the slaves she freed approaches the queen. He explains that his former life may have lacked freedom but he was the tutor to the master’s children.  They loved him and respected him. Most importantly he had a purpose. 

The man was a slave and slavery is never good. You would not support it.  Nothing you’re thinking would ever support it – ever.  Yet, here is a freed person – albeit a fictitious one –  requesting his former life.  Why would he do that?  

Purpose – he wanted his life to have purpose. 

Last week we celebrated July 4th, so freedom has been on your mind.  So many people sacrificed so much to keep us free.  So, here before you are some heavy thoughts on the nature of freedom and our purpose on earth.  

Which is better to have freedom with no purpose, or a purpose but no freedom?

It is a deep question.  This does require a bold cigar like the Aged Toro.  Freedom is good and it is good that we live in the land of the free.  Perhaps it is too easy to take our freedom for granted. Even so, freedom is made sweeter when each person is valued. Freedom is made deeper when each person is able to use their gifts to benefit the whole. 

What you realize is that you are incredibly blessed.  You live in a land of both freedom and opportunity.   You are free to pursue your dreams.

The freedom to be who were meant to be.

You exhale.  Ah, the life of a cigar aficionado is a good life indeed.

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