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Home for the Holidays

Tonight people all over the world will be welcoming people, from all over world, home for the holidays.  Home, there is no place like it. You don’t have to be lost in the land of Oz to realize that. And yet, what is home really?

The dictionaries define home as the place where you permanently reside. If that is the true meaning of home, then why are so many of us traveling to get there; to get home?

Maybe it’s because that definition is woefully inadequate.  There are plenty of familiar attempts to define it. “Home is where the heart is.” That one is as familiar as it is true.  Home is not a place so much as it is the people we love. Suppose tonight you were in the house of your childhood. It is all decorated for the holiday.  The foods you eat every year are prepared and their smell fills the house. Pictures of past holidays surround you with images of loved ones. But none of them are present. You are home alone (hey this could be a movie, maybe even a holiday classic – oh yeah it was). Does it feel like home, or does it only remind you of how home feels?  

It’s the people.

Some say, ‘home is where they have to take you in when you have no where else to go.’  Some of you have never known that meaning, and hopefully you never will. Others of you know that meaning all too well.  Maybe you have been the person who had to come home under those circumstances. Maybe you were the person who was home to the one who no where else to go.  Either way, you came to know a deeper meaning of love and of home.

We are traveling home because we always on a journey in this life.  After all, if home is where all the people we love are gathering, then we can’t truly be home until they are all there.  If so, then we won’t be completely home in this world, or in this life.

So may we get home one day where we will we be truly loved and we will ourselves truly love others.  Until then may we all have a little piece of home this holiday surrounded by the people we love.

Happy holidays from your Taba family!

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