Great Christmas Tree Debacles

Hilarious Holiday Happenings

Oh ho ho holidays are upon us.  Your Taba family hopes your holiday is filled with laughter, love and warm memories created with family and friends.  Ah yes, the memories of holidays past are mostly beautiful and fill our lives with joy.  Then they are some that are rather ghostly and scare the dickens out of us.  Well, maybe they are more funny than scary.  We want to share some great holiday debacles.  Debacle is our word of the week: 


a sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco.”the economic debacle that became known as the Great Depression”

We all have our personal family stories of debacles.  Like the year we decided to have a live tree.  It was going to be the livest tree possible.  So we drove to a tree farm in the middle of the state.  Walked for an hour, picked out the perfect tree, and cut it down ourselves like Santa lumberjacks.   They even had a sleigh to load it up and bring it to the car.  Ok, it was really a four wheeler decorated like a sleigh.  It was Florida after all. 

We brought it home, unloaded it, and brought it to the house.  The base was too wide to fit through the door.  The solution?  Remove the door.  We maneuvered it this way and that, until we triumphantly had it inside.  Next we carried it sideways to it’s new home in the corner where it would partially be visible through the front window.  This was going to perfect.   

The next problem?  We stood it up but the top foot and a half was taller than the ceiling.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re right, only a fool would be mesmerized by it’s magical blue spruce perfection and forget to measure both the ceiling and the tree.  What to now?   At first we tried cutting off more of the bottom.  That proved to be extremely difficult, but also incredibly sticky.  Covered in sap we gave up option one and went for the easier option two: cut off the top.  It was sad moment as the beautifully symmetrical tree was squared of at the top.   The square crew cut top made it look like a Christmas tree drill Sargent.  Even the angel placed on top did not compensate for the disaster.  It was like she was standing on a long branch.  Next we tried to trim the branches into the familiar inverted “v” on a normal tree.  We started at the top.  About two feet down we gave up as we realized the further down we went the less needle and the more branch we would have.  So we stopped.  That year our perfect tree looked like a 1980’s computer version of  tree made of green pixel blocks. 

Even so, the holiday was a happy one with family friends.   Whatever you celebrate this season, we wish it to be merry and brightly filled with family and friends; laughter and love.  If you think ours was a debacle read these two articles for a good laughter.  And why not light up a premium habd made cigar from Tabanero’s to enjoy while you read?

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