Tampa-Havana Cultural Exchange Tour

Cultural exchange tour for you to experience Havana & Pinar del Rio Cuba

Our Tabanero – Havana Tour Guide

Jorge Maceda –  jorgemaceda@casatabanero.com

Traveling to Cuba with its colorful Colonial Caribbean history, beautiful coastline, and rich domestic products is a great vacation by itself. Add to that a trip to an actual tobacco farm in the lush Pinar Del Río region and you have an amazing trip. If you do so with Casa Tabanero Tours then you transform this into a journey of a lifetime because you will be traveling with a Cuban family that is part of the cigar culture and you will travel them as family yourself.

Trip dates: To Be Announced

Learn about our itinerary and more small details about the trip here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can American credit cards be used? Most American credit cards are not accepted and cash is king in Cuba.
  • How do I obtain the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)? To exchange your money in Cuba, head to a CADECA (a change bureau) or to a Cuban BFI Bank. The exchange rates are exactly the same in all CADECAs and banks, so you don’t need to shop around to find the best rate.
  • Are there any exchange rates or fees? It’s very important to note that there’s a 10% penalty charged if you exchange US dollars into Cuban pesos. You can avoid this charge by exchanging your US dollars into another accepted currency before you leave the US. Once you arrive in Cuba, you can exchange your cash into Cuban currency.
  • Are there any fees when arriving at the airport or leaving the country? Since May 1, 2015, it is no longer necessary to pay departure tax when leaving Cuba.
  • What should I tip for hospitality or other services? It is common etiquette to tip: Bellhops and Maids 1 CUC as service is rendered. Spas and Restaraunts 10%-15%. Tour Guides 2-5 CUC a day.
  • What foods should I expect to be available or common during my trip?  Two of the most common Cuban dishes are rice and black beans, and often served with every meal. Pork and chicken are the most popular meat dishes, followed by seafood, but it’s worth noting beef is rarely found. There’s no MSG, preservatives, extra salt, and so on.
  • What should I do about water, tooth brushing, or toilet facilities? For all body hydration and dental hygiene bottled water should be used. Generally, there are no toilet seats and toilets are forced flushed, typically by an attendant who accepts tips. Don’t forget to bring your own wet wipes!
  • What will the weather be like when I go there, and what should I pack? Guests will be provided with weather updates when the trip is scheduled or when information is gathered about the weather as the tour date approaches. Depending on the conditions guests will be recommended about gear to bring and clothing to pack.
  • Is health care provided? Health care is provided as part of the air fare.
  • What can I bring back from my trip, and how much of it can come back with me? Authorized travelers may return to the United States with up to $100 worth of alcohol and/or tobacco products acquired in Cuba in accompanied baggage, for personal use only
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