Good Brews: Four Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Tabanero is known for its amazing hand-made cigars. Did you know that we also that we are master brewers of coffee?

It’s true.

Did you also know that drinking coffee is good for you?

That too is true.

Over the past decade many studies have been done. They all reached a common conclusion. Coffee is good for your health.
Looking through several of these studies we have a list of some key benefits of coffee.

It fights cancer. No, it’s not the miracle cure. However, it does contain an that medical studies show combats cancer. That’s pretty impressive – don’t you think?

Coffee is also a natural anti-depressant. As the rays of sunshine spill over our kitchen table, the coffee on the table provides its own ray of sunshine.

Coffee is like a superhero: cancer-fighting and bringing happiness to the world.

But wait there’s more! Did we just say that?

Coffee is also reported to . Say what?

That’s right! According to doctors, people who drink four cups of coffee a day are at lower risk of developing certain medical conditions. Pour me another cup of Taba brew, please.

That’s not all! Oops, we did it again.

We all know that coffee helps us not feel sleepy. Did you know that coffee makes you feel happy and energized. How awesome is that?

The ultimate benefit of drinking coffee is life itself. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee live longer.

Could the Taba espresso machine be the fountain of youth? It just might be!

Plus, life with coffee is so much better than life without it – right?

Another great thing about coffee is that it pairs beautifully with a hand-made Tabanero cigar. The warm, floral flavor of our coffee brings put the smooth, earthy tones of our leaves. They are match made in heaven and grow on earth.

Come on down to Casa Taba and join us in celebrating this amazing pair.

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