Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it, perhaps not.  It is the most recent in a line of post Thanksgiving monetary events.  

The first is the all to familiar Black Friday.  This day we all know for the images of people camped outside malls across America in the hopes of getting those ‘door buster’ bargains.  We have all seen the videos posted on social media of people fighting, literally physically fighting, to claim their discounted prize. It’s not a pretty site and it paints an ugly picture.  Of course, those are the exceptions and not the rule. Even so, there have been twelve deaths and over a hundred injuries attributed to Black Friday mayhem this decade. The term itself was coined by police in the early 1950’s. It was a negative term supposedly indicating the absence of light in the hearts of the shoppers.

Clever marketers made the term their own in the 1980’s by claiming it was the that retail business went from being in the red to moving into the black. Accountants had long used red ink to indicate negative cash flow and black ink to indicate positive. Being in the black is a good thing. According to experts over thirty percent of annual sales are made during the Christmas season. So it’s understandable that businesses go all out.

One day was not enough. In 2005 the idea of Cyber Monday was given birth. On this day  businesses offered incredible deals through the internet. At first it was a way for retail companies without the massive ‘brick and mortar’ presence of mall stores to compete with the big dogs.  Quickly though, the big companies jumped abroad and offered special deals through their websites that were not offered in their stores.

This big retail focus hurt local small businesses in their attempt to garner some of the early Christmas shopping dollars.  Along came an advertising campaign created by American Express. You can make your determination as to whether they were genuinely concerned for small businesses or just creating a feel good marketing tool. But in 2010 American Express advertised the idea that we should all support local small businesses on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. And so Small Business Saturday came into being.

With all this money being spent two charities, the 92

Street Y and the United Nations Foundations,  thought it would be a good idea to have one day focused upon giving. And so Giving Tuesday was launch on social media and it gained traction.

Tabanero Cigars is a business and as such we encourage a strong economy and support  wise and healthy spending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. May businesses continue to grow and provide a good living for their employees. We are also a local cigar boutique built upon the American Dream of our founder Yanko Maceda. So, we rejoice in the promotion of Small Business Saturday.  Yet, there is something more than just prospering financially. We believe in compassion and giving to those in need – haven’t most of us been in the place of need at one time or another? So, we also support Giving Tuesday. Please research local charities and find one that resonates with your heart. And then support them by giving of your finances and maybe even your time by volunteering.  Together let’s make our world the best it can be!

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