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Five Fall Fashion Tips

Look ago Shakespeare said, “apparel oft proclaim the man.” That doesn’t really play well on a t-shirt – or does it? Hmmm, a picture of Shakespeare with those words on a black tee might be cool. At least it would be a little ironic because it’s the highest literary figure on a basic t-shirt making a comment about fashion and society.

We digress before we’ve even said anything. Speaking of saying things, Mark Twain took Shakespeare’s idea and put it in words more suited for a tee – well, at least they’re easier to understand. Twain said it this way, “The clothes make the man.”

What are your clothes saying about you? We at Tabanero Cigars have at the helm a man of impeccable style. Just take a gander at his classic style. No, he didn’t pay us to say that, well not exactly.

The Maceda Look
The Maceda Look
Yanko’s fashion style is a statement of the values upon which Tabanero is built: classic quality in a bold new style that is not afraid to take the right risks.

What is your style?

Fashion experts have some tips for men this fall. [We apologize for focusing upon men’s fashion, but we feel less qualified to speak on women’s fashion.] The first three tips on style are geared toward cooler weather. Even so we are going to share that advice for the benefit of our northern friends and choose who will be travelling beyond the Mason Dixon line. The final two are for everyone.

1. Layers

The first fall fashion tip is to wear layers. Begin with a standard t-shirt that clearly shows under a collared dress shirt. Let the dress shirt carry the pattern and cover it with a vest. The v-shape of the vest will be echoed by the part of the t-shirt. The final layer is a jacket that will pull the whole assemble together.

2. Use warmer fabrics

It is time to break out the wool. Not only is it warmer, it also has the feel of autumn. Most wool clothing is designed in muted colors so it works well in fall. The fabric is also warmer than most other fabrics, if that is relevant.

3. Sweaters

This is the last of our northern advice. Sweaters are great for taking the bite out of cooler weather while not being overbearing like a coat. Plus, the fabrics are greatly textured and add a nice visual effect for fall. Be sure to wear a simple shirt underneath to allow the sweater to make a maximum effect. Oh, and have a cardigan in your closest. Everyone in cooler climates should a have at least one cardigan.

Now here are the experts tips that apply to even those of us in warmer regions.

4. Color

The best advice for fall is to wear solid earth tones. Darker colors are best as they reflect the natural environment of fall. Even if we live in a warmer region, we know fall for changing leaves, pumpkins, harvested wheat, and sunsets. It is wonderful when our wardrobe reflects those colors.

5. Boots

Yes, we said boots. No, we don’t mean the fur lined winter kind; nor do we mean the cowboy type. We are talking about leather dress boots that rise up to just above the ankle. They give the right warm accent to any fall outfit without the weight and heat of actual winter boots.

Of course the final element of style is a Tabanero Cigar. Order online or come down to Ybor in person to get one of our premium handmade cigars. You will be smoking in style from head to toe this fall!

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