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We have talked recently about the complicated restrictions and regulations the FDA is requiring of cigar industry.  The main issue has been the requirement to have each blend of cigar tested.  For an artisan boutique like Tabanero Cigars the cost of compiling with that regulation would be too high to continue being able to provide you with our premium hand-made cigars.  This is the reason we have been so urgent in communicating our concerns with you.  This is the reason we made pleas for you to join us in sharing those concerns with those who make the decisions for the FDA.

An FDA Update on Premium Cigars

Good news! They have heard you. This past week Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is the commissioner of the FDA, extended the deadline to 2021 for submitting our cigars to be tested. He also said the FDA will review its policies for the premium cigar industry, of which Tabanero Cigars is a part. This is good news and is a positive step, but it is not settled yet. Please continue to reach out to your representatives in government and encourage them to support premium cigar companies like Tabanero.

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