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Falling for You: Three Fall Factoids

It’s fall and we want to share some fall factoids with you.

1. Those amazing fall colors are actually there all the time.

It’s true. The leaves that turn orange, yellow, and red are really that color always. They look green because of the chlorophyll reflects light that makes it look green. As the temperatures get cooler the chlorophyll breaks down and stops producing. This allows the leaves true colors to shine through.
We are guessing that Cyndi Lauper’s favorite season is fall. Here is what we mean @ this link:
Contrary to common belief, the change in seasons is not due to how close the earth is to the sun.

It’s about the tilt. In the fall, the northern half of the earth begins to tilt a way from the sun. So it is farther from the sun and colder. The southern half is titling toward the sun so it’s getting warmer. That’s why when it’s winter here it’s summer down under in Australia.

2. Americans are the only ones who use fall as a name for the autumn season.

We don’t really know how the word autumn came to mean the third season of the year. It sort of comes from a Latin term that means increase. That makes sense if people were thinking of the harvest which increased their storehouse.
English poets referred to autumn as “the fall of the leaves.” For some reason that term became popular in America. It never did in grand old England. We would speculate that Americans are more romantic and appreciated the poetic. However, we are the same people who pragmatically shortened it to “fall.”
Call it fall, autumn, or even the harvest it’s still ninety degrees in Florida and the only time the leaves change color is when they wilt in the heat.
But we know it’s fall because there is pumpkin spice in the air…in the air, in the air fresheners, in the coffee, in the cookies, in the kitty litter – well you get the idea. How did we get to the place of pumpkin spice everything? The answer to that is our fourth fall fact.

3. There is no pumpkin in pumpkin spice.

It all began In 1936 with a recipe placed in the Washington Post. The wording of the recipe was quite a mouthful: “Spice Cake Of Pumpkin Newest Dish: Delicacy Tempting to All Appetites and Easy to Prepare. Ideal Dessert for Family Dinner, Healthful for Children.” It was the first appearance of pumpkin and spice together. However, this recipe actually had pumpkin in it.

it wasn’t until twenty years later that McCormick Spices were the first people to package cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice together as “pumpkin pie spice.”

pumpkin spice
pumpkin spice

[Just as a side note, if you use allspice do you need any others?] Out of utter laziness people shortened the name to “pumpkin spice.”
All was quiet in Spice World until Starbucks introduced the Pumpkin Spice Latte in the fall of 1995. The world has never been the same since.

Tabanero Talking Points:
What are your favorite memories related to fall?
What do you do to celebrate the autumn season?

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