Coming Soon to Tabanero Cigars: Ruffian Bicycles

I Want to Ride my Bicycle… Picture this: It is an absolutely beautiful day in Tampa. The cool mint sky is so open, its expanse draws your eyes upward and you feel free. All the possibilities of the world seem open to you. The sun is shining down its warm, golden rays. The slate blue bay lies wide before you, like the sky above it. There are gentle waves because a cool breeze skims across the water. You are at peace.

We love Tampa. What is not to love? There are natural wonders that remind us to be in harmony with our environment. There are majestic, modern skyscrapers that exhort us to move forward. There are illustrious, historical sites that connect us to our past. Life is good here. The Bay Area beckons us to come out and enjoy.

What better way to enjoy to all that Tampa has to offer than to travel around town in the open air? And what better way to do that than an artfully crafted bicycle that is made by masters and embraces a vintage style?

That was part of our thinking at Casa Tabanero which led us to partner with Ruffian Bicycles.

The Handcrafted Experience. You’ve heard us talk about our handmade cigars as being part of something larger. We call it a lifestyle. That lifestyle is built upon particular values. From our artisan hand-made cigars, to our finely brewed espresso, to our cultural tours of Havana, we craft everything we do with a passion for quality, a respect for our environment, and an acknowledgment of our heritage.

Our New Partnership With Ruffian Bikes Ruffian Bicycles is shares those same values. Each bike is hand crafted by master welders. This is not a machine manufactured bike; this a functional piece of artwork made by individual artisans for individuals who have a passion for the beautiful in life.

Ruffian Bicycles also shares our respect for the environment. They make two types of high quality bicycles: the traditional human powered bicycle and an automated bicycle that is powered by a leading edge electric motor. Both of these are steps towards the future which do not leave a heavy footprint.

When you first see a Ruffian Bicycle, it will bring you to a place of nostalgia. Their broad body and smooth arching lines harken to a past age.
We are proud to be partnered with Ruffian Bicycles. Stay tuned for more information.

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