Cigar Show

Demonstrations By Cuban Artisans

Two-hour demonstration of a Cuban artisan handcrafting the best U.S.A handmade cigars. With a host to cut and light up cigars for your guests.

Learn the Process

During the demonstration the Cigar host will explain the steps one-by-one as they hand-roll the best Tampa Cigars.

Come to understand the passion and history behind Tampa, Florida as it was once known as “The Cigar Capital of the World”.

Additional Benefits of a Tabanero Cigar Show:

 – Cutting and lighting cigars at your guests’ request –

– Plus fifty Tabanero Mild Robust 50 x 5 –

– Extra Cigars: Need to be paid in advance –

Book A Cigar Show

Tampa Bay Area Cost: $550 (2 Hours)
Every Additional Hour: $200.00
To hold a specific date we require full payment of $550.00 non-refundable.

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