When Life Gets Busy…Grab a Tabanero And Relax

A molten orb of glowing orange fire slowly emerged over the quiet slate blue waters of Tampa Bay. The light of dawn revealed the silhouetted skyline of a waking city veiled in the grey cloak of mist.

The Courtney Campbell Causeway was host to both this early morning vista as well as host to hundreds of vehicles whose occupants were oblivious to the divine artwork unfolding before them.

How often are our thoughts so consumed by to-do lists and concerns of the next task that we don’t see the wonders of the world before us?

We are blessed to live in a place full of beautiful and adventure. Yet, if you are like us, we take it for granted. We become so busy that we don’t enjoy the natural wonders that surround us.

Even more important than where we live is the people with whom we live. How often have we missed opportunities to be with them because we were too busy? How about the times we spent with them but our minds were someplace else worrying about what needed to be done?

Haven’t we all experienced this?

So how do we be present in the present? It is a choice to surrender the worry and stress of what might be in order to focus upon what is right now.
Let’s go back to the Courtney Campbell Causeway and the amazing display of divine artistry rising over the bay. For the person whose mind is stuck in busyness of the future, there is only the traffic and the possibility of being late. But for another person, who has surrendered the worry and has chosen to live in the present moment, there is the joy of a beautiful sunrise.

The truth is that both people will get to their destinations at the same rate. But the second will have experienced beauty, peace, and joy. The first will have experienced anxiety.

We at Casa Tabanero choose to live in this moment. We choose to slow down and enjoy the gift of the present.

For us a hand-made cigar is an opportunity to enjoy something wonderful that the Earth has given us. It is an opportunity to sit around with family and friends to live in the moment, and to enjoy life.

Seizing the moment is part of the lifestyle of the Cigar Aficionado. And we at Tabanero Cigars are truly thankful that we are able to offer you the finest handmade cigars and even more that we are able to help you to participate in this lifestyle.

The Age of Technology

The world is ever changing.
Technology keeps advancing.
Is it a good thing?

Let us confine our discussion to those things with screens. We’ll save the rest for another day.

Do you remember a day when you had to be in your home to watch television? Then the day came when televisions showed up at sports bars. But that made perfect sense. Eating Buffalo wings and watching a game with friends was a good combination. Next thing we knew, televisions started showing up in little family restaurants. Ok, it was casual, so having the news in the background was alright. Shortly thereafter televisions starting hanging out at fine dining establishments. That seemed to cross a line.

There was a time not long ago when going out to eat meant a night of good food and good conversation. Televisions seem contrary to that idea.

Do you remember road trips with the family? We learned a lot about each other on the journey. Good and bad, memories were made. Relationships were forged. And we all learned that no matter what, the car never got turned around.

Those days of family interaction have been replaced by televisions screens on the back of headrests. Everyone in the backseat is isolated by headphones as they interact only with the characters in the movies.

Then came the iPhone. (It’s kind of ironic that “i” is the letter they used, because the downside of this amazing and wonderful technology is that it turned the world of we into the world of me.) The attention we give to our phones has isolated from other people.

Have you ever been out to dinner and looked over to see a family sitting together in silence because each person was basking the blue glow of their phone? So many lost opportunities to build relationships.

How about the mall? It’s like the invasion of Zombies as people mindlessly walk around staring into their phones. If you haven’t seen the YouTube video of people running into things while looking at their phones, you might want to check it out. It’s worth a laugh or two.

What’s not a laughing matter is the dangers of texting and driving. We have to make the choice to be safe.

The thing is that ultimately we decide. iPhones, iPads, and the like are good things. They can make us more connected to each other. They can make us more able to accomplish the purpose we have for our lives.

But we must decide how to use technology. The good and bad of technology is directly proportional to the good and bad of us. Think of the world in which you want to live. What does your perfect world look like? It seems so far from the reality of today doesn’t it?

How do we get there?

  1. We face in the right direction.
  2. We walk in that direction.
  3. We never lose hope and became discouraged.

And we use technology to help us be the best of what we are. So, pick up your phone. Google directions to Tabanero. Text your family and friends. Then let us get together, light up a fine hand-made cigar, get a cappuccino, put down our phones, and get know each better!

Meet the Cuban Artisans: William Ochoa

This week, we’re featuring some of the passion rolled into each of our cigars. William Ochoa is one of our Cuban Artisans at Tabanero Cigars. Here’s what he has to share with you about his dream.

A note From William:

If I only knew I was going to perform my trade in the US! I was living in this country for 10 years, working many odd jobs to support my family until I found Tabanero Cigars. I came across an ad in a Miami newspaper that said, “We are looking for passionate artisans to help fulfill an American dream.” My mind immediately filled with excitement. I couldn’t believe I would have an opportunity to do what I love to do. This is a trade that is a labor of love, pay or no pay. Even on my days off I find myself longing to be at work. The touch of the tobacco leaf is magical from beginning to end. I am proud of the cigars that I create, to the point that I want to keep all of them for myself. Like children, I know they serve a greater purpose, a purpose that will give others the special opportunity to reflect and celebrate life.

Thank you,
William Ochoa

The Art of Cigars

Ask Google the question: ‘What is the definition of art?” The answer you’ll get is simple.

ärt/ noun

the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
“the art of the Renaissance”
the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.
“the visual arts”

Ask anyone you know that same question and you’re likely to get as many different answers as the people you asked. It seems as if everybody knows what it is but nobody knows what it is. Confused? Yeah, defining art is like that. In the deepest, purest parts of ourselves we understand art. Ask us to articulate (pun intended) how we know, then we are lost. Perhaps that is the reason for the old saying, “I don’t know what art is, I just know what I like.”

That thought holds true for paintings, music, novels, movies – all the things we normally associate with art. But is art, or even beauty, completely subjective or is their a universal quality? That is a deep question to ponder. I suggest coming down to Tabanero, getting a latte, sitting down in one of our comfortable leather chairs, lighting up a Big Daddy cigar, and joining a discussion.

How Art Relates to Cigars

Hmm…speaking of our cigars makes me want to rethinking the definition of art at the start of our conversation. Let’s look again at the definition Google gave us: “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

That is at the heart of what we do at Casa Tabanero. We create beautiful products that connect us to the emotional power of community, both in the present through the events we sponsor and to the past through a commitment to our heritage. The thing about our art is that we hand make variety of blends, so that you will discover your own favorite. In that sense, we are sorta like Picasso, Van Gogh, and Monet all in one place. If you enjoy cigars than you are appreciating our art.
Art – I suppose that’s why all we at Tabanero offer you is made by the finest artisans.

FDA Press Release Blog

We have talked recently about the complicated restrictions and regulations the FDA is requiring of cigar industry.  The main issue has been the requirement to have each blend of cigar tested.  For an artisan boutique like Tabanero Cigars the cost of compiling with that regulation would be too high to continue being able to provide you with our premium hand-made cigars.  This is the reason we have been so urgent in communicating our concerns with you.  This is the reason we made pleas for you to join us in sharing those concerns with those who make the decisions for the FDA.

An FDA Update on Premium Cigars

Good news! They have heard you. This past week Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is the commissioner of the FDA, extended the deadline to 2021 for submitting our cigars to be tested. He also said the FDA will review its policies for the premium cigar industry, of which Tabanero Cigars is a part. This is good news and is a positive step, but it is not settled yet. Please continue to reach out to your representatives in government and encourage them to support premium cigar companies like Tabanero.

The Way of the Cigar Aficionado

You have probably heard the term aficionado in relation to cigars.  In fact one of the most popular cigar magazines carries that title But what does it mean to be a Cigar Aficionado? 

Let’s begin with the idea of an aficionado. Hemingway, a man who lived both Cuba and cigars, was the one who gave the word life in America. In his novel the main character, living in Spain gains the respect and fellowship of the locals because he shares their passion for Bullfighting. The local expert proclaims that the American is a brother because he was an aficionado. Ah to be an aficionado – to be someone who has a passion, an understanding, and appreciation of something that lifts it into an almost spiritual experience.

You can sense it can’t you?

The Different Aficionados

For the culinary aficionado it means appreciating spices, aroma, flavor. It means understanding how different flavors interact and create new ones. It is appreciating textures and temperature. It is achieving the perfect balance of temperature, texture, and taste. It is about moments shared with family in the kitchen and around the table. For the baseball aficionado it is the subtle movement of the feet that infielder uses to turn a play. It is the shift that the fielders employ because scouting reports indicate certain tendencies about a particular batter. It is the release point of a pitcher’s arm as the game progresses. It is a hundred years of statistics and stories, the smell of fecund smell of grass, the supple feel of leather, the distinctive crack of ball on bat. It is sitting in the bleachers between your father and brother with the boys of summer below. For the jazz aficionado it means feeling the rhythm in your bones, the syncopated beat in your fingers, the weary pain in your throat, and the melancholy hope in your soul. It is knowing the wheel of sevenths and anticipating every counter melody and letting the unexpected ones wash over you like an ocean wave. Yeah it’s like that. – For each aficionado it is all this and more – lived, loved, and cherished. 

The Cigar Aficionado

For the cigar aficionado it is an appreciation of the different leaves and the nuances each adds to the flavor of the cigar. It is an appreciation of the the way that a cigar burns and how that affects the smoke, flavor, and intensity of each deep draught. Cigar smoking is not a habit, it is not just hobby, it is a passion and a lifestyle that involves community of great appreciation. It is the way of the aficionado. We value every person, we greatly appreciate your patronage, and we invite you to join us on the way of the cigar aficionado. And now is a great time to embrace this lifestyle as we are introducing new cigars and new ways for you to become an aficionado.

Learn more about first time cigars here.

Re-New Years Day

Do you remember New Years? So, we have crossed the half-way point of this year. It is a great time to sit back, light up an Aged Toro from Tabanero Cigars (of course!) and reflect upon the year to this point.

Do you remember New Year’s Eve? What were some of the resolutions that you made? Are you on course to fulfilling those them? No? Well you’re not alone. According to statistics less than 10% of people achieve the goals they set for the new year. Do not despair, those same studies show that half the people who make resolutions eventually fulfill them.

Light up a Toro With Us

Available for a limited time from the personal humidor of Yanko Maceda. Aged 5 years to perfection! Here are some things the experts say will help you keep your goals[/x_custom_headline]

1. Make your goals specific and not general.


Most of us make resolutions such as ‘I will get in shape this year.’ That is a good goal but it is too broad to achieve. It is better to be more specific, such as ‘I will lose ten pounds this year,’ or ‘I will hit the gym three times a week.’ It is even more helpful if you –

2. Break your goal into achievable benchmarks.


Most diets and exercise programs are a complete lifestyle not just a small modification. It is difficult to make complete overhauls: diet, exercise, etc. Take that diet and break it into achievable chunks. ‘I will stop drinking soda.’ Then have benchmarks: the first step is to walk on the treadmill fifteen minutes. Every achieved benchmark is a success and you will feed off that positive energy.  This is important because you want to –

3. Have patience with yourself and the process.


It is very easy to get discouraged. This is especially true if we keep looking at the final result we want instead of what we are currently doing. It is better to focus on actions rather than results. Walking fifteen minutes as opposed to losing fifteen pounds. We also gain encouragement when we –

4. Publicize our goal to friends and family.


I know. You don’t want to be that person. The one who posts their whole life on FaceBook. True, but the experts tell us that we are more likely to succeed if we make a public announcement. Our chances are even better if we join a group of people working with us trying to achieve a similar goal. We all achieve more when we have accountability. We eventually get to our goal when we keep –

5. Getting up when we slip up.


Who gets to the finish line without a few falls along the way? Does it matter if you do? The important thing is that we get there. If we are moving in the direction of spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual health then we are succeeding.

The Heritage of Tobacco

We at Tabanero Cigars believe in our multi-fold heritage. One aspect of that heritage is the origin of tobacco and the Native American cultures who first cultivated the plant. In that spirit we continue to share Native American tales and celebrate our connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Nawakosis The Blackfoot Legend

This is the tale of Nawakosis, a legend from the Blackfoot tribe. It is the tale of four brothers who were medicine men with spiritual powers. The eldest had a vision through which he was shown a special plant with spiritual powers. A voice in the vision told him to pick the plant and burn it. So the next day he went in search of the plant. At dusk he found the plant. He cut it, brought home, and threw into the fire to burn. The aroma was wonderful and he felt full of life.

That third night the third brother had a vision in which he was shown how to make a pipe from the bones of a buffalo. That morning he found the buffalo his brother had used for the hide and he fashioned pipes out of the bones just as the vision had shown him.

That third night the third brother had a vision in which he was shown how to make a pipe from the bones of a buffalo. That morning he found the buffalo his brother had used for the hide and he fashioned pipes out of the bones just as the vision had shown him.

The Story of a Special Plant

That night the fourth brother was visited by a vision in which he was told to take the chopped plant and put it the pipe his brother had made. He was instructed that the brothers should inhale the smoke and breathe it out so that the smoke rose to heaven. The smoke the nawakosis, sang together, and lifted prayers to heaven. That night all four brothers were visited in a vision that told them to teach all the people about this special plant. In the morning the four brothers agreed to disobey the final vision. They planted the nawakosis in secret places, they smoked it in private, and sang the sacred songs where no one could hear them. The nawakosis was given so that all people meant live in peace and happiness, but the brothers kept it to themselves. So where there should have been unity, harmony, and progress there was instead hate, war, and destruction. One day a man named Lonely Bull overheard the brothers talking about the nawakosis. He was angry and decided that he would discover this plant, grow it, and share with all people. He and his wife (yeah I don’t know why he is ‘Lonely’ Bull if he has a wife) went on a quest to find the plant. The quest led them to a sacred lake ( seems like the logical place to go -right?). There they built a lodge. Every day the man would go looking for food and for the plant. Every night he would come home with only food. One day while he was gone, the wife heard singing coming for across the lake. When he came home she told him what she heard. He told he she was imagining things (in this story imagining things is sort of a good thing isn’t it?). The next day she heard the singing again and again he rejected her words. The third day she heard the singing and this time explored and discovered it was coming from the beavers’ house. He came home and again he heard nothing. So the woman went to the beaver home and tore open a wall and discovered – some really angry beavers ( for tearing up their wall ). No just kidding she really discovered the beavers dancing and singing. The woman convinced the beavers to come to their lodge and share the plant and to teach her and her husband the sacred dances and songs. The next day the beavers came to their lodge AND RIPPED DOWN A WALL! No, just kidding they didn’t do that. They listened as the husband told them about the four brothers and his quest to find the nawakosis. The beavers said they were fortunate to have found them because nawakosis is a sacred water plant and they, of course, are water people. They said that nawakosis is meant to be shared and no one can truly know its benefits unless they share it. But before they shared the nawakosis with the man and his wife they taught them all the dances and songs. Over time the man and his wife learned the songs. So the beavers…ok, let’s step outside of the story for a moment. Talking beavers…I know right? They are astonished by tobacco (spoiler alert nawakosis is tobacco) but seem completely unfazed by talking beavers. Back to the story in progress. So, the beavers gave the couple seeds for the nawakosis to plant back home. Word that Lonely Bull had planted the holy nawakosis came to the four brothers. However, they laughed thinking the man was deceived for only they had the plant. Right before the harvest a terrible storm raged across the land. The nawakosis plants of the four brothers were completely destroyed. On the day of the harvest the truth of Lonely Bull’s crop was revealed. The brothers sent an emissary to ask Lonely Bull to share the crop with them. Lonely Bull agreed to do so if the brothers learned the sacred songs and prayers. They agreed and peace came to all the land and peoples. Yes, a hand made cigar is wonderful for bringing people together even today. Come to Tabanero Cigars and join us in sharing this gift.The next night they came, and brought the sacred herb with them. They put the seeds from it into the medicine bundle that the people had made. “Do not smoke the herb until you have planted more,” said the beavers. Go and find a place that is not too shady, but not too bright. Find a place where the ground is not pale, nor too dark. Turn the soil and make sure it is not too tight. Then you, Bull-By-Himself, take a deer horn and poke holes in the soil — one hole for each seed. Then you, his wife, take a buffalo-horn dipper, and drop one seed in each hole. Then the two of you, together, dance over the ground and pack down the seeds so they will grow. Sing the songs we taught you. After you have done this, the nawakosis will grow. That’s all I know.” They men left, and turned back into beavers as they went. The man and the woman planted the seeds exactly as the beavers had taught them. The four medicine men who had nawakosis to themselves until now thought “What could they be planting?” “What songs are they singing?” They sent someone to ask them, and the messenger learned that they were planting a sacred herb called nawakosis. The four men laughed and joked that the couple must only think they were planting nawakosis, that they couldn’t possibly have learned of its sacred use. They alone had the power of the sacred herb, they thought. When time came to harvest, the four brothers’ nawakosis was destroyed by a powerful storm. They had not saved any seeds, and nothing was left. They hoped that the couple had been right, and had really planted nawakosis. They hoped that they would share it with them, now that the source of their own power was all gone. They sent a messenger to find out, and Bull-By-Himself and his wife sent the messenger back, with nawakosis to show the medicine men. The storm had not damaged the crop the couple had planted, and they would share it with anyone who would learn to smoke it in a sacred way. That is how Bull-By-Himself and his wife taught the tribes to smoke Nawakosis, and the tribes have smoked it prayerfully ever since.

The Story of America

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

A Little History…

On May 10, 1773 the British enacted the Tea Act. Here was the idea: The East India Trade Company (you might remember them because Jack Sparrow tangled with them in Pirates of the Caribbean) had amassed an inventory of tea that was destroying their profit margin. The Tea Act imposed a tax on all tea sold in America by everyone except the East India Trade Company. This meant that they had a monopoly on the tea business in America. The bigger picture was that it was one more bullying action by the British that helped them by hurting the colonies Their attempt to bail out the ailing East India Trade Company led to bales of tea being tossed into the Boston Harbor. The cost of that tea translated into today’s standards is over $1,000,000.

The Response

England responded with a hard hand by assigning a military general to serve as the governor of Massachusetts. It wasn’t surprising that colonists felt that is was some form of marshal law and the voices of rebellion grew in volume and number. The Colonial Militia began gathering supplies in Concord for the possible rebellion. The British Army learned of the supplies and organized a mission to seize those supplies. Militia intelligence uncovered those plans and laid in wait for the British in Lexington. In April of 1775 tensions spilled into bloodshed as the sun rose over the fields of Lexington.

The War Had Begun

The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson immortalized that battle with his Concord Hymn (see below for whole poem) and the famous words: “it was the shot heard round the world.”
Even after the bloody battle in Massachusetts, most thought of the conflict as civil disagreement. That is to say the colonists basically thought of themselves as British citizens fighting for their rights. This thinking changed with the publication of Common Sense, a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that argued in favor of independence from England. Support for that idea ignited the nation and led the Colonial Congress to commission Thomas Jefferson to draft a document proclaiming our independence from the British. That document, which was signed July 4th 1776, opened with the words:

“It was the shot heard round the world.” “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Bada Bing, Bada Bang (lots of bangs) the Revolutionary War was on and it led to the formation of our nation!

Reflect On the Day…We at Tabanero Cigars are thankful for the freedom that is part of America. We are a small artisan business that is one chapter in the story of the America dream. Please join us as we sit back, light up a hand made cigar, and watch the fireworks that symbolize the victory for independence.

Concord Hymn ~ Emerson


“By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.


The foe long since in silence slept;
Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
And Time the ruined bridge has swept
Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.


On this green bank, by this soft stream,
We set to-day a votive stone;
That memory may their deed redeem,
When, like our sires, our sons are gone.


Spirit, that made those heroes dare,
To die, and leave their children free,
Bid Time and Nature gently spare
The shaft we raise to them and thee.”

All About Boxes…Cigar Boxes That is…

Recently Tabanero unveiled our newest box to package our hand made cigars. The new box got us thinking about old cigar boxes. There is just something about them that goes beyond being a container for cigars. I remember that my grandparents had cigar boxes in various drawers throughout their house. Maybe it was the artwork or possibly the intrigue of discovering what was in a box, whichever the reason, the cigar box had mystique that was beguiling.

The Story Behind Boxes

As a kid I emulated my grandparents and had a used cigar box that held my greatest treasures. I can’t remember all of them but I know there was an arrow head, a couple of baseball cards of my favorite players, and a harmonica. I totally cannot explain the harmonica, but I remember there was one in the box.


Those cigar boxes of the past are the prize of the collectors of the present. Everything that is sold has a package, so why are cigar boxes special? I suppose it began, well at the start, which was 1865 when President Lincoln put the final touches on the legislation that required all cigars be sold in boxes. The cigar artisans do what they always do: they adapted and turned a negative into a positive. In this case, they turned the box requirement into a marketing opportunity. The art of the cigar box was born!

Here is one of the iconic pieces of cigar box art:

How We See Cigar Boxes

I believe that our current logo is an homage to the classic elements seen in this painting: the man standing for the integrity of his cigar, the land that produced it which represents their heritage, the home representing his family, and the seals that authenticate the cigars. It is tradition and we hope that our art reflects those things that we too value.

The art of the box and the art on the box make it valuable as a collector’s item. But people have also found other uses for them. One of the most famous is the cigar box guitar. The legend tells that many musicians in the late 1800s could not afford to buy factory made instruments so they made their own. Broom sticks, discarded boxes, bolts and wires were transformed into fiddles and guitars. The cigar box became the favorite to make the body and a classic was born. The oldest known sketch of a cigar box instrument depicts two Civil War soldiers at playing at camp.

Although it mostly done for nostalgia, the cigar box is still used as an instrument today. Here is a video of Paul McCartney using a cigar box guitar at a Nirvana reunion.

We hoped you enjoyed that and invite you to come down to Tabanero Cigars to see our new cigar boxes.


Tabanero Memorial Day Reflections

Memorial Day has come and gone already. For most of us it was a day spent enjoying the arrival of summer – which here in the Tampa area didn’t seem to leave this year. The beaches were teeming with life: Frisbees and footballs filling the air, boats and jet-skis making waves, families sharing picnic food. In the neighborhood the sounds of people laughing and telling stories while they waited for hamburgers and hotdogs to be finished cooking on the grill. The night ended with the bursting brilliance of fireworks. For most it was a good day. For most we had a day to drink deeply from the well of life in America.

A Time To Remember

Yet for some it was a day spent reliving the pain of loss for a loved one who gave their life in the service of that same America. For all of us it is a time to remember. We remember the foundations upon which our country was formed and the soldiers who endured the harsh winters of the Revolution marching from the Delaware River in such poor supplies that their feet left a bloody trail upon the snow. We remember the soldiers who stormed the beach at Normandy amidst the raining bullets and artillery to claim a strategic foothold in France that turned the tide against an army bent toward world domination and genocide. We remember the men and woman who endure harsh desert conditions and enemy devices as they fight to defeat a monolithic oppression that seeks to terrorize a free world. These we remember as well those in every place who sacrificed their life to preserve the way of life and liberty that we are privileged to enjoy. Thank You!

We at Tabanero Cigars want to acknowledge that sacrifice. Firstly, to say ‘thank-you’ to those who gave their life to secure our safety and to protect the freedom that we all enjoy. You will never be forgotten. Secondly, to express our sympathy to those whose loved-ones gave their life. Your pain is not overlooked and your sacrifice is not forgotten either. We appreciate you.

The Tobacco Tales

Stories, some true some not, shape who are as individuals and who are as a culture. Think about the bedtime stories you heard as a child. You loved the story and its moral molded your character. We at Tabanero love a good story too. So we thought we would share some tall tales involving tobacco.

Ancient Myths of Tobacco

The first is an ancient native myth that tells the take tale of how tobacco became a part of people’s lives. It begins in a time long ago when there was only one tribe in all the Americas. They lived together following the buffalo wherever they roamed (‘Oh give me a home…’). To a couple was born a girl who grew up to be beautiful, just beautiful, she was the most beautiful. The original language says the she was ‘powerful beautiful.’ We can only speculate what they meant, but one doesn’t have to imagine too deeply to understand the power that beauty can wield.

This child in time had children of her, twin boys to be precise. One boy had a light complexion with a head full gold hair. The other boy had a ruddy hue and dark brown hair. Everything was perfect, well except no one knew the identity of the father, including our powerfully beauty lady. Right now you’re thinking…- but, no. The legend seems to dismiss that whole train of thought. Instead it tells us that two fathers stepped forward – and again you’re thinking…but, no. One pronounced himself to himself to be the father of ruddy boy and the other to be the father of the fair boy.

You are probably thinking that the story is going to become one of those paternity fights, but once again, no. The twin boys legitimately had two different fathers. Umm, just roll with it. The father of the dark haired boy was Earth and he named his son Earth Boy. The father of the golden haired boy was the Night and he named his son Star Boy (you have The Weekend to think about that one).

Over time the boys grew up, of course they did. When they became older they began behaving differently than the others. Earth-Boy stopped going out with the buffalo parties and instead stayed among the reeds and flowers. Star-Boy also stopped following the buffalo. He would sleep during the day and go wandering at night. One night he discovered a mountain no one had ever found before. He climbed it and kept climbing until he almost reached the sky. Then he grew faint and fell down. A silver man appeared to him. It was his Star-Father.

He said, “Son why did you climb up this mountain?”

Star-boy said, “I was trying to reach you.”

The father replied, “My life is spent walking far beyond here and I will not return to this mountain in your lifetime. As sign of my love I’m giving you a great gift that contains the strength and colors of the sunset. Keep this plant with you wherever you go and in the springtime plant it wherever you are. Give great care to this sacred plant and when the stalks are tall harvest them.”

He then plunged his hand into his silver body. White light burst from his chest and he pulled out a tobacco plant.


“Son this plant is sacred. It will make your people strong and free, but in order to partake they must take them in as family.” He handed the tobacco plant to Star-Boy and then he was gone.

Star-Boy returned home where he found Earth-Boy. He told him the story and offered to take him in as family (yeah, we wondered that too – aren’t they already twin brothers?)

Earth-Boy said, “I didn’t need to go to the top of a mountain. While you were gone my father came to me also. He taught the secrets ways of the earth and told me to tend all plants save the special star plant. My people will rise with sun and farm the land. Your people will be wanders after the sunset, but we are brothers.”

To seal their bond Earth-Boy made a pipe from rock and wood and Star-Boy prepared the tobacco plant. They smoked the medicine pipe together and pledged their love and declared the peace between them.

We are All Family

Here at Tabanero Cigars we affirm the moral of that story: we may have differences but we are family and there should be love and peace between us. Come on down to Ybor and let’s celebrate what we have in common.

The Vision of Beauty

Beauty manifests itself in a myriad of ways; it is all around us. I was walking by a vacant lot in the neighborhood, the northeast corner of which has been overtaken by a seven-foot weed bush. Not sure if weed bush is an actual thing, but let’s roll with it. On the end of the stalks of this weed were beautiful yellow flowers.

It was an unexpected gift of beauty. It evoked the old adage: ‘take time to smell the flowers.’ How often do I? Am I aware of the beauty around me? Or do I allow the busyness of each day to hold captivate my attention and keep my focus so inside my own thoughts and concerns that I don’t see the beauty around me?

Beauty Reminders

Every day, every moment we are surrounded by beauty and reminders of how beautiful life can be. As I write this there is a pastel blue sky spread above me like an ethereal ocean with cottony clouds billowing as they sail along. There are children tossing coins into a fountain and as they look back to their parents they fill the air with the sound of their laughter.  There is a cool breeze which carries the musky smell of wood smoke from the restaurant behind me. Not to dismiss the pain we endure and the struggles we face, but life is beautiful. April showers bring May flowers. Beyond the struggle is grace, peace, and joy.  As I bring this week’s blog to a close I’m going to enjoy a Corona Gorda from Tabanero Cigars and be thankful for the good and beautiful in life.

Our Visit To J.C. Newman

We were fortune enough today to be invited by Eric Newman and Bob Newman to a lunch in at the JC Newman factory with people in the Cigar industry that are having the same pain no matter the size of their operation with new Regulation from FDA.


Senator Bill Nelson Litsen to our concerns of deadlines approaching on the different regulations and we haven’t had any success changing how drastic the regulations are.

Our Discussion

They allowed me 60 seconds to share how these regulations will affect a small industry that I represent in Ybor. Senator Bill Nelson even spoke Spanish with me to show his symphony for our cause. Please in any way you can share our pain with the president of the United States do so. We have to rescue the novel industry of Cigars. This cigar was given to me at the meeting by Jeff Borysiewicz owner of Corona Cigars.

Tabanero and The NFL Draft

We have many and varied interests at Tabanero Cigars.

Our attention this week was focused upon the draft of players into the National Football League. As I was watching the first round of the draft, while enjoying a Taba Big Daddy (it just seemed appropriate for the occasion) something occurred to me. Most of the world was watching the draft along with me, but at that same moment, the NBA was in middle of their playoffs. How discouraging it must be for them. If all American sports were a family, then Major League Baseball would be the older brother who rebelled a long time ago but now is quietly getting the right thing done, the National League Football would be the baby of the family who is always in trouble but gets all the attention, and the National Basketball Association would be the middle child who as harder as he tries just can’t get the attention…Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

Surprises of the Draft

Anyway, the opening round was a surprise as the Bears trader only one spot to ensure that they got their man Mitchell Trubisky. Two other teams, the Chiefs, and the Texans traded up as well to garner their signal caller of the future. Were those mistakes? Add a comment and let us know your thoughts. Mistake or mad genius those unlikely picks caused several players to fall down the board.

We here in Tampa were thrilled as O.J. Howard became of those players. We were able to snatch him with the 19th pick. It was completely unexpected that the Alabama standout would be available that far into the draft. The scouts believe that he will a perennial Pro Bowler because he is accomplished not only as a receiver but also as a blocker. He gives Winston a big target as an option that will keep defenders honest in covering Mike Evans and newly acquired DeSean Jackson.

We are excited about the future of our young and talented new Buccaneers!

Welcome to Tampa gentlemen: Howard, Evans, Godwin, Beckwith, McNichols, and Tuikolavatu. Come down to Tabanero and enjoy the finest hand made cigars! You find a community of people sharing life as they share a cigar.