As Summer Comes to a Close…

Pumpkin Spice coffee is back.  That can only mean one thing: autumn is here.  So long summer, we barely knew you. Wait, who are we kidding?  We live in Florida. Summer isn’t going anywhere – ever. But even so, summer is giving way to fall.  

However, the boys of summer aren’t giving way to anything just yet.  Baseball is still in full swing. It has been an exciting season so far. We had the Major League debut of the Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani.  It has been a long time since we have gotten to enjoy a premier pitcher who is also has the potential to be a premier hitter. In spite of battling an injury, Ohtani has thirteen home runs.  It will be exciting to see how he develops over the years. Meanwhile the Boston Red Sox are chasing a place in MLB history with the most wins. There is a lot happening around the league this year.

Tabanero Cigars is, as you know, located in Tampa.  So we keep an eye on our Rays. The odds of them making it into the playoffs are about the same as snow falling in Tampa. However, it has been a better than expected season. They have won more than they’ve lost. They won a series against the Yankees in New York and have a winning record against them so far this season.  

That is a beautiful thing about baseball.  There is always something for a fan to celebrate.  It is the ultimate sport for optimists.  No game is truly over until the very last pitch. Even though your team might be losing by six runs going into the final inning, there is still a chance they could win.  On August 21st of 1990 The Phillies were down 11-3 going into the ninth inning.  They scored nine runs and won the game 12-11.  There is always hope.

And there is always something to celebrate.  Consider this little factoid for an example.  The most wins that any NFL team ever had in an entire season, including the playoffs, was 18 by the 2007 Patriots.  The least wins by any MLB is owned by the Cleveland Spiders who managed only 20 wins in 1899. That means that baseball fans of the worst team in history had two more times to celebrate than the football fans of the best team football ever fielded. 

Just something for thought.     

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