A Review of Mission Impossible – Fallout

Mission Impossible has hit the theaters and we choose to accept going to see it.  

This is the sixth chapter in the series.  By anyone’s count, that is a lot.  But we’re guessing that it still has a few left in it before Tom Cruise jumps over to the cast of The Expandables.  The first three movies, MI-1, MI-2, and MI-3, were as mediocre as their titles. The franchise took a turn for the better with the release of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol.  Two key elements were added at this point: a coherent plot and Simon Pegg, who basically brought his version of Scotty from Star Trek to the Mission Impossible series but without the accent.  It worked.

They built on that success with an even better movie, MI5-Rogue Nation. Which brings us to this newest movie, MI6-Fallout. But before we get to the movie itself, let’s talk about Tom Cruise. He once again reprises his role as the lead character IMF agent Ethan Hunt.  Cruise is almost to mandatory retirement age for a secret service agent, so the fact that he did his own stunts this time was…wait for it… risky business. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. Doing his own stunts at age 56 is impressive; even the helicopters had stunt doubles!

So, how does Fallout fare?  In our humble opinion it is the best yet.  Since we already mentioned the stunts, let’s start with the action scenes.  In so many movies there is just a barrage of chasing and fighting with a paper-thin sliver of a plot to get you to the next action sequence.  There is a lot of action in this movie.  In all blockbusters the action is unrealistic and often over the top. Fallout is no exception. The difference is that both the plot and the characters matter in this film.  They began developing Hunt’s character in the fourth movie and built on that development in this one. Pegg’s character once again provides the comic relief.  Though he comes close to bringing to the level to being ridiculous, he never crosses that line.  There is even a little- we stress little – romantic intrigue in the movie.  Like the revamped Bond series, Fallout eschews the romantic conquest and embraces actual emotional attachment – albeit largely undeveloped.

Oh, the movie also has Henry Cavill.  Man was he super!  Because he -umm – plays Superman in The Justice League movies.  His character adds just enough spice without ‘steeling’ the show.  Because he’s the Man of Steel… Ok, enough of that .  

Overall this movie was enjoyable and certainly worth seeing.  We give it 4.5 Tabas out of five.

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